Miley Cyrus Defends Her Raunchy New Image

Miley Cyrus

In a statement responding to negative comments she received for her raunchy stage acts, Miley Cyrus blasts those criticized her as 'close-minded and don't understand art.'

Miley Cyrus has blasted critics of her raunchy new image, insisting "everyone" makes mistakes. The 17 year old has attracted a string of negative comments in recent weeks after video footage of her dirty dancing with a 44-year-old movie producer in a bar surfaced online.

She then stunned fans at a gig in Portugal at the weekend by performing in a revealing, skin-tight leotard, stroking her thighs and cavorting with male dancers. But the "Hannah Montana" star has now spoken out to defend her actions, insisting everyone makes embarrassing errors when they are young.

She tells BBC Radio 1, "People always want me to say it's so hard and difficult but really it's just annoying because what my life is isn't for them to give their comments on. They can think what they want... I think those are people who are just close-minded and don't understand art."

"I always tell people, everyone goes through a bad point in their life and makes bad choices. But they just haven't been published and it hasn't been documented and (published) on the Internet. You can see how that would drive people crazy. I would like to see you at 21 and video that and put that out there for people to comment on."




    Jul 12, 2010

    A few years ago, Miley said she wouldn't turn up like Britney or Lindsay because she had good people that kept her grounded. Well either those "good people" are doing a horrible job or she's ignoring them. I really HATE this new Miley image. I have no say in it, but being a (possibly former) fan I'm just expressing my opinion. She's dressing raunchy, she's dancing raunchy, she's behaving raunchy, and she doesn't even realize it. She should have at the LEAST waited until Hannah Montana Forever was officially over, even if she doesn't have a contract with Disney anymore, because little kids are still looking up to her.

    Jul 08, 2010

    The difference between Miley and other people is that she is a star in Hollywood who wanted the job she has and refuses to abide by its rules. She's stupid and arrogant and doesn't understand that if she so desperately doesn't want to be talked about or have people comment on videos of her, maybe she should grow up and realize that it is her job to be a role model and if she doesn't like, she can move back to the south and live a peaceful life. Celebrities need to stop complaining about their lives. If they don't like, then don't do it anymore. God.

    Advice For Miley
    Jun 27, 2010

    Miley Stop Being a Slut!..Or I will Come Make you!

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