Eagles' Joe Walsh Files Restraining Order Against His Neighbor

June 01, 2010 03:12:15 GMT

The guitarist has filed for a restraining order against his neighbor Nassar Adhoot for allegedly threatening to kill him.

Joe Walsh
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Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has filed for a restraining order against an elderly man who allegedly threatened to kill him. The rocker has asked a judge to ban his neighbor Nassar Adhoot, who is in his 70s, from coming near him after the man allegedly trespassed on his property earlier in May and attacked his personal assistant with a block of wood.

In legal documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Walsh claims Adhoot then shouted out, "You tell Joe Walsh I'm going to kill him. I'm going to shoot him."

Walsh is seeking to keep Adhoot from approaching him and his wife, as well as his assistant, maid and gardener, reports In the legal document, it is not mentioned whether or not the assistant was injured though.


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posted by beffy-2000 on Jul 29, 2010
Love you Joe and all the Eagles.Take care of yourself
posted by what on Jun 05, 2010
who fuckin cares
posted by lilangel on Jun 02, 2010
Hey guys aren't we supposed to be talking about the story, not the actions of the band and their business decision. So just get over it. what is done is done.
posted by Skinny on Jun 02, 2010
Looks like Joe needs to ride around in a tank with a bodyguard named Frank.
posted by funked49times on Jun 01, 2010
you still hide behind your ego and money, you think I feel bad for you....
posted by BigTexas on Jun 01, 2010
After Joe, Don & Glen dumped their lead guitar Don Felder player for the sake of money and control, they deserve all the bad luck they receive. SCREW THE EAGLES!!!
posted by c2 on Jun 01, 2010
"just turn your pretty head and walk away"
posted by thatsonebigcookie on Jun 01, 2010
To hotredmary, Are you freakin' kidding me. Knucklehead.
posted by hotlicks on Jun 01, 2010
imstarting my own group, ill call it the chickydicks
posted by workin man on Jun 01, 2010
Joe you did the right thing, be safe. P.S. If Henley said Felder is gone he's gone.........
posted by ariaste on Jun 01, 2010
Whether he's famous or rich or not or the Don Felder situation are all irrelevant points. If one receives a death threat, he has the right to seek help to stop him.
posted by groovymema on Jun 01, 2010
Does anybody remember John Lennon?
posted by splatthefly on Jun 01, 2010
I would think,life's been good to him so far.
posted by janice on Jun 01, 2010
If he defends himself he will be the one to go to jail. Don't you know the laws protect the criminals!!!
posted by sassy1 on Jun 01, 2010
Sure, celebrities need extra protection. Look at the crazies out there---and you never know which one is the one! Such a talent! Don't need to take risks!
posted by hotredmary on Jun 01, 2010
So, you idiot reporters, if someone greets you with a block of wood, would you be injured? Why is it so hard to protect yourself in the USA? Oh, I forgot Obama supports immigrants illegal or otherwise!
posted by iwtthree on Jun 01, 2010
what wussy, just kick the old man's azzzz. Man up Joe, you don,t need the law to keep you safe, earn a little respect.
posted by what\'sfordinner? on Jun 01, 2010
Joe Walsh is in his 60's...I think he might be able to take him...says the guy is in his 70's!
posted by dude on Jun 01, 2010
i have no idea who u are who r u an old guy who hates people mean people now im young to very
posted by Truth on Jun 01, 2010
Without Felder it's not the Eagles.. It's time to put the bullshit behind you.. Like you have in the past.. put the band back together and get on with business.. the Felder thing is pissing off a lot of fans

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