Jennifer Aniston's 'Friends' Hairstyle Is Still a Trend

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston set a trend in the '90s with her layer cut and still retains the reputation as the actress whose hairstyle is popular among British women.

Jennifer Aniston's iconic hairstyle from her days in hit comedy "Friends" is still going strong - it's the most popular cut of all time among British women. The layered style became a hit in the 1990s when the actress first sported it playing Rachel Green in the sitcom, and more than 15 years on it has topped a poll of the most requested styles in the U.K - more than 11 million women have tried the look.

Second most popular style is Meg Ryan's choppy, cropped cut, while pop star-turned-reality-TV-judge Dannii Minogue's sleek bob is third. The survey was carried out by beauty products company Goody. Spokeswoman Rose-Marie Jarvis says, "It's no secret that many women take inspiration from celebrities when it comes to their appearance."



    May 31, 2010

    No, her hairdo went out back in the 90's and she's still wearing the same hairdo. She needs to layer it or do something with the hair around her face. Her hair is flat and in need of a trim.

    May 29, 2010

    this this old hag anHOston and her jennifreaks should be time-warped to the 90's. back when they all thought that no guy can ever dumped her. they all just can't get over the fact that she was dumped big time becaus she's one shallow, selfish, whiny bi***! i bet most of the she-jennifreaks believe the rachel (yawn!) look is still in! wake up grannies, lmao!

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