Kelly Rowland Won't Shun Chris Brown for Rihanna

May 26, 2010 04:27:57 GMT

Kelly who has a duet with Chris in her upcoming album insists she looks at him based on his talent, not the mistake he did to Rihanna.

Kelly Rowland Won't Shun Chris Brown for Rihanna
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Kelly Rowland refused to rule out a duet with Chris Brown despite his infamous fight with Rihanna, insisting she only judged the R&B singer on "his talent". The former Destiny's Child singer teamed up with Brown for a new track, which will reportedly feature on her next album, and was determined to look past his personal life for the project.

She tells, "Chris Brown and I did a record together. I don't judge anybody, as many people point fingers towards someone (and) there are four more pointing at us. I judge Chris on his talent."

"I think people forget that they weren't there and who the hell are they to judge anybody? That was something that happened between them (Brown and Rihanna) and the people that they're around. It has nothing to do with us."

Brown has struggled to repair his reputation since the fight last year. He issued a public apology for his behavior and has been carrying out community service for the attack.


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posted by The truth on Jun 28, 2010
to, lol, poodle head, and whatever, what are your accomplishments, like capitol one, whats in your wallet, Im sure you have secrets, fucked up issues about your own personal life, and being, noone is perfect, we all make mistakes, and not all will be on top, and not all will stay there, I bet you all turn into major groupies if you saw one of them, yall aint foolin noone, your unhappiness with yourselves shows when you down others
posted by PIXIE P00H on Jun 28, 2010
posted by wandaharleyrider on Jun 28, 2010
We need to stop the hurtful words about Chris. There's two sides to the story and Chris should not be the only one to suffer Rihanna played an important role. God be with you Chris, "what God put together no man can tear it down." Welcome back and be strong
posted by unknown on Jun 08, 2010
Thks Kelly we need more celeb.that will tell the True. We will con't to buy you guys cd. You guy need to wake up and we need to stand TOGETHER.DON'T YOU GUYS SEE THE BIG PICTURE. DIVIDE AND CONQ. WE NEED TO STAY TOGETHER AND LOVEEEEEE EACH OTHER. LOVE CONQ HATE.
posted by carter on Jun 07, 2010
at least someone has some damn sense...
posted by Tay tay on May 26, 2010
Everybody should leave chris alone really cause nobody understand what the hell happen any way so i liked what kelly rowland said and wish her the best of luck with her new cd and duet with chris brown i cant wait to here it
posted by carol on May 26, 2010
I agree with Kelly know one in this world is perfect, everyone had made mistakes not just one, two three four and more. Chris is not bothering anyone. the young man is trying to get back on his feet. I like Rihanna, but if I was a man and a women hit me with her high heel shoe, sorry they will see the real black part of me. lets stop blaming the man all the time. she never said on her interview with Diane Sawyer that she hit him with a shoe. she danced all around the question. sign I'm not perfect myself.
posted by Kelly Who? on May 26, 2010
Is she relevant anymore? All of her music has flopped, thats why she spends all of her time overseas. Where CB should go.
posted by Me on May 26, 2010
YAY! An artist with the courage to speak up and call out the hypocrisy and B.S...luv it! If we banned all artists who did something wrong as a teen (OR an adult), we'd have almost no music to listen to.
posted by Poodle Head on May 26, 2010
Kelly Poodle Head gets no love her and CB deserve each other. They do have one thing in common they once was on top but now they on the bottom as d-listers.
posted by LOL on May 26, 2010
They both a joke now.
posted by Whatever... on May 26, 2010
Nobody going to follow those to has beens CB or Kelly. None their music is relevant any more.
posted by SEXC GAGA on May 26, 2010
Ppl jus hve 2 m0ve past the wh0le goatstar 101 nd c.b issue...get a life!!!!

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