Cheryl Cole Slams Lostprophets

May 25, 2010 04:11:13 GMT

After accusing that Cheryl Cole has snapped all VIP passes for her family and friends, Lostprophets were blasted by Cheryl's management.

Cheryl Cole
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Cheryl Cole's representative has slammed Lostprophets after the rockers accused the singer of taking all the VIP tickets for a U.K. festival at the weekend. The Welsh musicians were upset when they weren't allowed to invite family or friends backstage at Radio 1's Big Weekend event in Wales, and blamed the Girls Aloud beauty for snapping up all the passes for her entourage.

An unnamed bandmember told Britain's Daily Mirror, "Cheryl Cole's got all her friends and family coming. They don't want common folk asking for autographs. I wouldn't be starstruck meeting Cheryl. Sheryl Crow, maybe."

But a spokesperson on Cole's management team dismissed the rumours in a post on, which reads, "Dear Lost Prophets, Cheryl did not have any family or friends at 1BW. Maybe Radio 1 thought you weren't worthy of VIP tickets."


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posted by NewOrder\'10 on Jun 18, 2010
Cheryl sucks, mimes and has the personality of a wet dish cloth. Lostprophets=AMAZING!!!!
posted by Diebishdie on Jun 03, 2010
Lostprophets > Cheryl. Anything > Cheryl. Simple as.
posted by Lostprophetlooza on May 26, 2010
cheryl sucks and mimes. FACT.

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