blank Fuels Rumor He's Dating Cheryl Cole

May 24, 2010 04:06:42 GMT

The romance rumor gets even more persistent when the Black Eyed Peas star's mother confirms that he has a secret girlfriend. Fuels Rumor He's Dating Cheryl Cole
See larger image's mum has fueled further speculation about the rapper's love life amid reports he's dating U.K. singer Cheryl Cole, admitting the Black Eyed Peas star has a secret girlfriend. - real name William James Adams, Jr. - is said to have recently split from a partner of eight years and has since been linked to Cole following the breakdown of her marriage earlier this year.

Now his mum Debra Cain has sparked further rumors about his love life by hinting at a mysterious lover. She says, "William does have a girlfriend, but I can't tell you who it is. It is a secret." Cain insists Cole has been welcomed into their family and has even been invited to attend's sister's wedding next week.

She adds, "We are saving a seat for her. We love Cheryl and we are very happy she is performing with William. I spoke to him yesterday and he is really enjoying this tour with her. I can't tell you if they are boyfriend or girlfriend, you will just have to wait and see what happens."


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posted by MONAestrada on Jan 03, 2011
Hi will. Someone here by the name of "Marilla" posted a comment saying:"right, like his mom really commented...." well, I think the one who posted that comment was your girl. MAybe she acts different behind your back. why would someone comment such a thing about your mom-unless she knew your mom and was jealous of cheyl cole. Go 4 it---CHERYL is Gorgeous and a complete woman. you don't have to worry that she loves you for the money-she's rich toooo! good luck!
posted by cindy818 on Jan 03, 2011
will I know it would be so mean for me to bad mouth your girl friend in a place every one can read, but i just feel it's not right to stay quiet either.May be you haven't got to know her that well after being with her for so long. Your mom might like her, but she talks about your family behind your back...keep up the good work will...your perfect one will come on her own!
posted by ladybonita99 on Jan 03, 2011
Willy go 4 it with Cheryl! Ure girl is just so insecure and she out smarts u! she cheats and gets away with it...she just plays innocent-of course she has to be nice to u guys and pretend like she is so innocent! TRUST ME SHE"S NOT!!!she just likes to show off her boobs!!!
posted by preeetyboobs28 on Jan 03, 2011
Go for it will!!!I think your girl is just a gold digger any way and she cheats on you!!!plus she is horrible!!!I seen her pics on TMZ...Cheryl is wayyy prettier. Your girl must be very insecure about her self.
posted by sisi on Aug 21, 2010
not togrther, first put on sone weight so you can get some boobs and dont go out with will is a dengerous situation he broke up with wifey and you did the sane he loves her , she likes him " shave ur beard" but she has feelings about ash. first step first.
posted by Marilla on Jul 07, 2010
Riiiiight. Like his mother would actually comment on that. And how come the US hasn't picked up on this "relationship" yet?
posted by kayyay on Jul 06, 2010
you will make goergeos couple
posted by kayyay on Jul 06, 2010
wat that iz mad talk is better than that back stabbing idiot ashley any ways good on you to
posted by jeniiisssscoolll on May 25, 2010
might beeeee dateing
posted by jeniiisssscoolll on May 25, 2010
wow that isssssssss sssssssssssssoooooo ccccooooooolllllllll i cant blive that cheryl nd

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