Plan to Open Michael Jackson's Cemetery for Public Upset Clark Gable's Family

May 20, 2010 03:16:52 GMT

Randy Jackson's plan to allow fans to visit Michael's tomb in a private section of Forest Lawn has made the grandson of Clark Gable, who is buried in a nearby plot, unhappy.

Michael Jackson
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The grandson of Clark Gable is fighting Randy Jackson's plans to allow fans into the cemetery where Michael Jackson is interred on the first anniversary of the singer's death. The King of Pop's younger brother Randy is asking officials to permit mourners to visit the star's tomb in a private section of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California, on June 25.

In a series of posts on his page, he tells fans, "I'm meeting with Forest Lawn and the City of Glendale. Although they have strict rules, I'll do my best 2 (to) see if fans can visit & pay their respects beyond the gates of Forest Lawn, on the 25th." But the plans have upset the family of screen legend Gable, who is buried in a nearby plot, as they want access to be restricted to relatives.

The "Gone With the Wind" star's grandson, Clark Gable III, tells the mausoleum "wouldn't be as sacred" if fans are allowed inside. But author Ronald J. Fields, whose grandfather was funnyman W.C. Fields, is backing Jackson's plans, insisting members of the public should be allowed to pay their respects as it would be "moving to them".


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posted by Dbo on Nov 30, 2010
My grandmother rests beside clark gable. I do not ever want the public there it is not a show. My family has paid for and has the rights to their privacy. Clark gable' grandson should consider contacting the family members of the last supper room for support in his endeavor to keep the are sacred
posted by choudergirl on Jun 27, 2010
it is nothing wrong with that micheal is not there he is in heaven and it is just his body laying in that tomb his spirit is weee much alive and he is with his heavenly father rejoicing with jesus christ if you have faith and believe that jesus died on the cross for you and i then one day you will not have to die anymore and you will celebrate jesus christ with micheal he is already dancing and rejoicing now with all his brothers and sisters in the lord the bible says to be absent from the body to be present with the lord micheal is happy he do not care about that earthly body it is going back to the dust he have a new glorified body god bless the jackson familly
posted by sharon on Jun 02, 2010
posted by paulla on May 22, 2010
bad ideea ,that place is holly ...we can pay our respect in a different ways.
posted by dawn on May 20, 2010
I applauded Randy for his efforts; I hope Forest Lawn and Glendale will see the sincerity that he approaches this with. I donít understand the reaction that The Gables would have, or any other family of loved ones that are there. Fans what to express their love for Michael, and share their prayers and space where he is laid to rest. We are not animals that donít have common sense or respect. I say, shame on the ones trying to stop this personal memorial to Michael. It might be hard for some of you to understand what Michael means to us on a whole and on an individual bases. You can have love in your heart for someone thatís not related or that you donít know personally. I grew up with Michael and all the Jacksonís. I am a year and a half his junior, and have loved him since seeing him on the Ed Sullivan Show to this present day. How could your feelings stop or shut off after caring for him (his well being) and following his career for so long. I always say, if you put the shoe on the other foot, the perspective looks way different. Take the Gables, Iím sure they have walked the corridors of the Mausoleum to see other resting places of Entertainers that they were fond of but didnít have a connection to. My key word here is connection, I feel and Iím sure everyone else feels connected to Michael. Whether through his music, dance his humanitarian efforts or his wonderful loving heart, he has a place in my and our hearts always. Please reconsider your efforts to stop this. I wonít be able to be apart of Randyís difficult task that lies ahead of him, because of being so far away, I live outside of Chicago. If I was there you can bet I would be in line to have a chance to pay my respects to Michael. Rest in Peace Michael! Thank you - Dawn
posted by Gerry Gowette on May 20, 2010
If you all do this it will be nice right now I playing Micheal Jackson and I am a fan of his sense I was 8 I wish I could see him, at his concert, but never could but but his records , who is reading this , hope one of the Jackson family , I would like to meet you all and hope I can get the chance to pay my respect to him knowing that I never got the chance to meet him in person but in my heart he will be with me always in life I just asking if I can get a chance just to see him and I know is no way because I live in a little town of St.Cloud Fla , I will knot get a change to M.J when he alive I hope I can see him know . that my wish!! hope the Jackson here right now , this would a wish come true Love ya'll Gerry
posted by MJfaneroo on May 20, 2010
I think the grave thing is a bit morbid but maybe a chapel would be nice so folks could get married there and other things.
posted by mj on May 20, 2010
@ CRISSFAN are u being funny? being alive and dead is two different thing. can you understand the whole situation that surround this plan? its RESPECT! you remember the memorial at the Staples? its very solemn and fans gave their respect. fans of michael are very respectful and educated. so, if this plan will pursue, im sure it would be of no problem that people who love michael will commemorate his death. people are just overreacting. please, allow this thing under the authority of those people involved especially the jackson family. its their brother out there, thier son, their uncle, their close friend. Go Randy! i commend you for your effort in advance.
posted by janice2010 on May 20, 2010
I think that it is a wonderful idea. It has been hard for myself as well as other MJ fans to find closure. It was so sad and unexpected. The world seems a little bit empty as well as our hearts. I think that this wold help with healing. I feel as though I haven't paid proper respect to Michael who was a good person that ran into life's troubles. I will greatly miss him and will never forget him. As for disturbing the sanctity of the mausoleum, that would never happen. I love Clark Gable as well. He was a great actor. This is about respect. Nothing else. It would only be for one day. I applaud you Randy for respecting the fans. God bless you and your family.
posted by djafanofmj on May 20, 2010
Randy, is an idiot, the families of the others in the mausoleum wanted their loved ones to be able to rest in peace, peace is something Michael never had and like his money you want to take that too. Who will pay for all the security that would be needed? Let Michael,he has had to pay for everything else. dr
posted by CRISSFAN2 on May 20, 2010
i dont think randy should do that because if michael was alive he would want his privacy because thats the one thing he didnt get when he was alive.

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