Westlife's Mark Feehily Calls N-Dubz 'Total Idiots'

May 15, 2010 03:02:34 GMT

The member of Westlife slams the British trio after one of their members Dappy was caught on camera taking controversial drug mephedrone.

Mark Feehily, Westlife
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Westlife star Mark Feehily has taken aim at British rap trio N-Dubz - berating the hip-hop stars for their "irresponsible behavior" and branding them "total idiots". The clean-cut singer has slammed the group for not taking their task as role models for their impressionable fans seriously, after N-Dubz member Dappy was embroiled in two drugs scandals last month.

The rapper was caught on camera taking controversial drug mephedrone and was kicked out of a U.K. theme park after allegedly smoking cannabis in the venue's hotel. And Feehily has urged the band to act more like "real stars" Bono and Jay-Z - insisting the young hitmakers have "no respect".

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "That whole kind of scene, and that shady kind of world, is just so different to us. Bands like N-Dubz, there's a lot of public, irresponsible behavior because a lot of kids look up to them and they kind of set the bar. In the same way that little girls want to dance like Cheryl Cole and look like her, other young kids want to look, dance and act like stars out there that are drunk, fight and act aggressively."

"The real, real stars - the Jay-Zs and Bonos - don't do any of that. It's the bottom of the pile who have no respect. People idolize them, so it is totally irresponsible. For someone in the public eye, whether they like it or not, there is pressure to be a positive role model."

"It's more admirable to give out a positive message rather than acting like total idiots." Bandmate Shane Filan adds, "If N-Dubz want to go out and get drunk that's their choice, but it's sad."


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posted by beautifulgirl on Mar 12, 2011
what's wrong wit' filipino people? you a racist? idiot
posted by jade on Dec 29, 2010
ooohky i believe what mark said because he speaks his mind and it shows that the hang sticks together because of shanes comment. its true that dappy isn't being a home sold model but that's his decision. the comments you lot said about mark should fuck off. but you all have a right for a personal opinion.
posted by n=dublet89 on Sep 07, 2010
mark needsa slap i think,hes saying all this and westlife aint perfect either so mark wan think b4 openin his mouth and i knw there body guard who use 2 work wiv them and he said they aint perfect they dun sum bad things that aint in the press so mark wan shut fk up
posted by a_vin on Jun 30, 2010
are you all mark's filipino fans?
posted by a_vin on Jun 30, 2010
how's mark?
posted by Feehily_forever on Jun 05, 2010
Mark never said that.. it's impossible...
posted by ROSE on May 26, 2010
It is not true
posted by feehilyfan on May 22, 2010
Mark never said this,, :| shows ow things can get twisted
posted by JLSLover on May 15, 2010
This is not true, Mark confirmed on Twitter that he did not say it and he has never met the band, but he likes Tulisa's voice.

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