Brigitte Bardot Returns to St. Tropez After Fourth Split

Brigitte Bardot Returns to St. Tropez After Fourth Split

The former sex symbol reportedly is moving back to the place she made famous through her movie after splitting with her fourth husband.

Brigitte Bardot has sparked rumors she has separated from her fourth husband after moving back to St. Tropez, France following years in the country's capital Paris. The former screen siren has returned to the wealthy resort - the place she helped popularize in the 1950s with her performance in "And God Created Woman" - after reportedly splitting from her fourth husband, French politician Bernard d'Ormale.

The pair has been married since 1992, and for the last 15 years they lived just outside Paris - but insiders tell New York Post gossip column Page Six that Bardot's return to St. Tropez is due to the breakdown of her marriage.

A source tells the publication, "Word is they have separated and that's why she moved back to St. Tropez."



    May 10, 2010

    SHE is not "former sex simbol", SHE is sex simbol forever ! After so many years they can compare her with Marylin or the other hollywood stars, but during 60-ies SHE was the firs, SHE was the very best and the most popular person on these planet. No one person have no so big glory as she had. Misis Bardot, Serbia is remebering you and love you forever !

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