Slash Invited Justin Bieber to Strip Club

April 28, 2010 05:03:46 GMT

The rocker met the Canadian singer in Australia and suggested the 16-year-old pop star to visit a strip club.

Slash Invited Justin Bieber to Strip Club
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Slash had an indecent proposal for pop sensation Justin Bieber when the pair met in Sydney, Australia this weekend - he invited the 16 year old to a strip club. The former Guns N' Roses rocker jetted Down Under to launch a new MTV music channel and his trip coincided with a visit from the "Baby" hitmaker, who was forced to scrap a show in Sydney on Monday, April 26 after chaos broke out among fans.

The pair met over the weekend and Bieber suggested they head out for dinner - but Slash had other plans for a meeting with the teenager. He explains, "I told him, I said maybe me and the Mrs will take you to a strip bar. But that didn't happen 'cause his minder told me that he's got a curfew and he's with his mum."

After performing in Australia, Justin Bieber flew to New Zealand. Following the chaotic scene Down Under, officials in New Zealand have stepped up security ahead of the pop star's visit.


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posted by GnRlOVER on Jul 13, 2015
Slash knew he wasn't going to be let. Smart dude. xD How dare Justin invites Slash to dinner. It's like royalty wanting to dine with paupers. Slash is a guitar legend. Justin is a fame hungry bitch who pees in buckets and spits on his fans.
posted by Grinni on Jan 15, 2012
Jeez, you people really suck. I can't believe actually there are people who prefer shit than Slash. Fuck you and thanks for rotting music scenary.
posted by Hallate on Jan 15, 2012
It's not like he didn't go because he didn't want to. He didn't go because his parents forbid him to - that's one thing. Another thing is that Justin Bieber dared to invite Slash to a dinner (who is he to do so anyway?), and Slash got away with that suggesting they went to titty bar instead (which ofc he knew Justin would be forced to decline).
posted by GNR on Apr 06, 2011
I would of gone if t meant meeting slash
posted by #1BIEBERFEVERGIRL!!! on Sep 09, 2010
posted by d.bieber on Sep 01, 2010
is justin bieber gay or not i need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by ILOVEJB on May 02, 2010
OMG, Justin Bieber got invited to a strip club ?? shocking ! well at least he didn't go . :)

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