Joe Estevez Wants to Replace Charlie Sheen in 'Two and a Half Men'

April 27, 2010 03:05:10 GMT

The uncle of Charlie Sheen insists the TV sitcom has to continue 'for the good of the family', offering himself to replace the troubled actor.

Joe Estevez Wants to Replace Charlie Sheen in 'Two and a Half Men'
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Charlie Sheen's uncle has offered to replace the troubled actor if he decides to leave hit TV sitcom "Two and a Half Men". Sheen is said to be considering leaving the show following a tough start to 2010 - an alleged altercation with his wife Brooke Mueller on 2009 Christmas Day left him facing criminal charges and he entered rehab in February this year to tackle personal issues.

But his uncle Joe Estevez, the younger brother of actor Martin Sheen, is contemplating approaching the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, about appearing on the programme as its newest star.

Estevez's spokesperson tells the actor wants "Two and a Half Men" to continue "for the good of the family", and suggests he could play the uncle of Sheen's character.


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posted by Just on Mar 02, 2011
And by the way, in the newer episodes I don't like Charlie at all. I mean his head is always tilted down as if he was sleeping, he makes annoying movements with his head. I think lately he's not as good as he was.
posted by Just on Mar 02, 2011
Charlie didn't make the show, he's caracter did. So as long as they replace him with a good actor, the show will go on! And it should, there is no reason to stop a show, just because a person has some problems. And we will just get used to the new actor, that's all. Life goes on without him. That's all.
posted by Luv\'d it, now over on May 05, 2010
Part of the allure of 2.5 Men was the tongue in cheek "performance" of Charlie playing himself PRIOR to cleaning up his act and laughing at himself. Been there, done that just doesn't work now that he's back on again.
posted by Jay Singer on Apr 30, 2010
Call it "One and a Half Men" because Jon and Angus are great. There is now show without Charlie, though, and we all know it.
posted by BARB on Apr 28, 2010
no sho w/o charlie
posted by jef on Apr 28, 2010
plain and simple: The show will be Charlie. He is the reason that people have been watcing the show for 7 years. It would ultimately be over after Jake graduates anyway(if he does)
posted by Egipt on Apr 27, 2010
If Charlies leaves the show .. there's no Two and a Half Men going .. the show will end .. I can't see the show without Charlie..
posted by Didi on Apr 27, 2010
"Two and a Half Men" just wouldn't be the same without Charlie. Anything to try and keep it going would be jumping the shark.
posted by beth on Apr 27, 2010
no, let charlie leave country with girlfriend.let alan and herb stay at charlies.with jake and the baby because we dont know for sure whos the father of they both can deal with the same exwife.this would so funny.

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