Usher: Justin Bieber More Talented Than I Was

Usher: Justin Bieber More Talented Than I Was

Being Bieber's mentor for around two years, Usher believes the 16-year-old will grow as big as The Beatles.

Usher predicts his protege Justin Bieber's career success could surpass his own - because the sensation is a "more talented musician" than he was as a teen. The "Yeah!" hitmaker, who has been mentoring the Canadian since meeting him in 2008, insists he's not surprised Bieber is now topping the charts - and he's convinced the 16 year old is set to grow in popularity.

Usher says, "You haven't seen the best of him. He is a pop craze like The Beatles. They started out as pure pop artists and look what they became over the years. Justin reminds me of myself at that age, only he's a much more talented musician than I was. He taught himself piano and guitar."

"I couldn't, so he has that advantage. This isn't about his age and we're never going to appease a crowd. His audience will grow with him. I started out when I was a teenager. Now, 45 million albums later..."



    Feb 22, 2011

    Justin Bieber, going to be as big as The Beatles? Oh God, I hope not... >.<

    Jun 04, 2010

    hey justin bieber und usher ihr sind die beste ich bin ein rissen fan von euch ihr seit der hammer gruess mirj i love usher und justin bieber

    oh gawd
    May 03, 2010

    I hope not.

    selena monteclaro
    May 01, 2010

    oh!!!nkakadiri cla feller......,,

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