Simon Cowell Will NOT Get Married in 2010

Simon Cowell

A friend of the 'American Idol' judge says he won't rush his marriage because he still has a lot of things to do, including preparing the U.S. version of 'The X Factor'.

Simon Cowell will not wed his fiance Mezhgan Hussainy this year, according to "American Idol" producer. The music mogul's brother Tony insisted Cowell would exchange vows with the make-up artist four times over the next 12 months, at lavish ceremonies in Britain, the U.S., and the Caribbean.

But Cowell's pal and colleague Lythgoe, a judge on hit U.S. talent show "So You Think You Can Dance", insists the Brit won't be heading down the aisle in 2010 - because he's too busy bringing his "The X Factor" show to America.

Lythgoe tells Britain's News of the World, "He won't be getting married this year - and he doesn't need to rush into it anyway. Simon has a lot to do. He has to prepare himself for the American 'X Factor', to try and create the next biggest show there, and he'll be fully focused."

And Lythgoe hints Cowell may be having pre-wedding nerves: "Maybe he's just gearing himself up (to marry). He hasn't really known Mezhgan for that long. But she was my make-up artist for six years and she and Simon are a good fit. They can make fun out of each other."



    May 05, 2010

    He is getting the jitters...also heard that she wants him to convert to islam...and that he won't do that! He is half jewish...what a match, lol. And heard that she won't sign a prenup...hmmmm.....

    Apr 26, 2010

    Simon Cowell is afraid to get married, he dumped his darlin girl pal of 6 yrs & gets with someone he hasn't known that long, He's a weird one. George Clooney he's not. I hope he doesn't get married, I feel for anyone who marries him, he's the run away groom

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