Roman Polanski Begs to Be Freed From House Arrest

Roman Polanski

Through his lawyer, Roman Polanski wants Swiss authorities to release him from house arrest 'regardless of the roar and unbearable pressure of an ill-informed public.'

Roman Polanski's lawyer has ordered Swiss authorities to ignore the "roar and unbearable pressure of an ill-informed public" and release the embattled director from house arrest in the country. The Rosemary's Baby moviemaker has been confined to his Swiss estate since December 2009 following his September arrest in Zurich stemming from a three-decade old sex crime in America.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office wants Polanski to return to California to be sentenced for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl at a party in 1977. L.A. officials moved one step closer on Thursday, April 22 when they ruled the Oscar winner cannot be sentenced in absentia, but the star's lawyer Herve Temime is now insisting Swiss officials release Polanski from house arrest immediately.

He tells the AFP, "It is up to the Swiss authorities to tell the truth and give back Roman Polanski his freedom once and for all, regardless of the roar and unbearable pressure of an ill-informed public." In February this year, Swiss authorities stated they would not make a decision on the extradition of Polanski to the U.S. until all avenues of appeal are exhausted.




    May 02, 2010

    Oh Yeah and another thing.. This is how ridiculous your comment was, you criticise a man like Polanski who has enriched the world with his genius yet i have no doubt you dont have any quarrel about female teachers like lefavre who slept with a 12 yr old on numerous occasions and gets probation, a book deal and film offers! Are you nuts? This woman was rewarded for persistently abusing a young boy yet polanski commited one crime and you call him evil, i think it is you and your kind that is evil and I'm sure the devil has a nice little hotspot permanent vacation for halfwits like you, leave the poor man alone

    May 02, 2010

    Hey listen, this guy is being tortured for something that happened thirty bloody years ago.. What kind of a numbskull are you? Millions of people have been horribly mutilated, tortured and killed since Polanski slept with this girl who doesnt want it dragging out again anyway, ok polanski broke the law but what was a 13 yr old doing at an adult party? Think about it, she was drinking and taking drugs too, he didnt drug her and for all you know he might have believed she was 16, in some countries girls get married at her age, you are a flaming lunatic and i would wager that many of your ancestors and everybody elses ancestors commited the same act as polanski but idiots like you are brainwashed by fox news and caught up in the mythical pedo frenzy hysteria, get a life you bonehead

    Apr 26, 2010

    any one who give aid and comfort polanski lawers and all should have a group with the devil yea i bet these lawers would not say the same thing if it were there 13 year old daughter wow we he must be paying these lawers a lot of money

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