Vanessa Williams Supports America Ferrera's Idea for 'Ugly Betty' Movie

Vanessa Williams Supports America Ferrera's Idea for 'Ugly Betty' Movie

Another star of 'Ugly Betty' who loves the idea of bringing the TV series to the big screen is Ana Ortiz, the depicter of Hilda Suarez.

"Ugly Betty" actress Vanessa Williams has joined her former co-stars America Ferrera and Ana Ortiz on a crusade to bring the canceled U.S. TV series to the big screen. Williams gave her final performance as fashion boss Wilhelmina Slater in the April 14 series finale, and bid farewell to her castmates of four years.

She says, "We did not want to leave. Our last week, none of us wanted to leave the table. None of us wanted to finish the words we were saying." Ortiz recently admitted she and America Ferrera are "open" to the idea of making an "Ugly Betty" film, and Williams is keen to join the pair's campaign.

She adds, "It was an extraordinary group of people, the ensemble was great, the directors were great - the writers - the whole team. It was unique. Yes, an 'Ugly Betty' movie, absolutely."



    Feb 07, 2011

    An Ugly Betty movie would be great- but I still think another network should have picked up the show or ABC should wake up! What are they thinking? Bring on the Movie or resurrect the series. 24 was off the air for a year and came back why can't Betty come back?

    May 09, 2010

    We the people.......expect nothing less than an "Ugly Betty" can they leave us with nothing more.....the dynamics of this cast is explosive......I own all of the box sets from the previous seasons and can't wait for the last season to be released......there will be a void on television for me now......I LUV U ALL!

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