Malik Yoba Brings Back 'New York Undercover'

April 19, 2010 07:57:02 GMT

The 'Why Did I Get Married Too?' actor partners with 'Law & Order' writer Courtney Parker to bring back the 1990s TV show.

Malik Yoba
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Actor Malik Yoba has set out to reprise his detective role in U.S. crime series "New York Undercover" in a modern remake of the 1990s show. The "Why Did I Get Married Too?" star's career kicked off with his co-starring role as Detective J.C. Williams on the hit police drama, which ran from 1994 to 1998.

And he's partnered with "Law & Order" writer Courtney Parker to bring the series back to the small screen. He says, "The show has been in syndication since '98. A few weeks ago, a writer named Courtney Parker... sent me a pilot script that she wrote. I can't give up too much information but what she wrote was incredible."

But before Yoba pitches the idea to network executives, he wants to make sure he still has loyal fans. He adds, "I started asking folks around the country to email me. We haven't pitched (the show yet). We're getting the temperature of people."


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posted by Fan n luv on May 10, on May 10, 2013
I absolutely LOVED New york Undercover and actually watch it every day now on CNTRC (474). It is such an entertaining show to me: J.C. & Torres, Moreno, the Lieutenant, etc that group are exciting to watch as the stories unfold. It's also a "plus" to see parts of New York & to be entertained with the wonderful musical guests at Natalie's!!! I love it, love it, love it and was really disappointed when they killed off Torres! Why?? Bring him back somehow. Also I did not like the new cast with Tommy Ford. They were too rough and didn't have the "smooth" operating manner as the former group. I just read that there's a possibility of brining the show back. I hope it happens!!!!
posted by Biglar47 on Mar 15, 2013
I love that show!!! Please please please bring it back!! Especially J.C and Torres as orignal cast members. Moreno too. And the lady leutendent she waz funny!! It was sad when Eddie got killed.I didn't like it when the guy that played Tommy on Martin was on there and McNamara.Plus when they switched it around with other new characters.It got really foul then.Bring it back asap! I still watch the reruns.I would like to see what happens with Nina an Eddie after they got married and would like to see if Eddie recovered after the explosion.Cause now it shows that J.C and Nina may hook up. I wonder if they really did and what Eddie's reaction was.That will be intresting to see.
posted by flesh on Dec 16, 2012
eddie eddie eddie bring him back say he was recovering from the explosion or somthing.
posted by philgood on Nov 23, 2012
I would love to see this show again!! I always seem to catch to reruns.. love it!!
posted by la2vetta on Apr 07, 2012
I would love to see this show return. I wake up at 5am Mon- Sat to catch the reruns!!!...However, I MUST have Michael DeLorenzo (Eddie)!!! He has to be there!!!
posted by mz T. on May 07, 2011
The show was a hit because the characters were real. Coop was the truth; JC kept it hip; and Eddie brung the swag. If the execs want continued success, bring the show back.
posted by da surge on May 01, 2011
bring back eddie and the remake will be a hit
posted by ms yellarose on Feb 25, 2011
Oh please bring this back! I've also wondered why the original series was not released on DVD.
posted by yoba fan on Jan 10, 2011
please bring it back i looooooove the show especially malik
posted by aiden j on Dec 10, 2010
I don't mean to play the race card but,remeber how some complained that NYC Undercover didn't have enough whites on the show. Funny how Eddie was killed off and the show "whiten up" the cast.I loved Jc & Eddie's brother- like bond. Jc's relationship with his son. and Eddie realtionship with his father & Nina. Lt.cooper was kikc-ass ass as well. This show represented people of color in the right way and there hasn't been a show that can touch it. Plllllease bring it back with the originals
posted by aiden j on Dec 10, 2010
I dont' mean to play the race card but remember how some complained that nyc undercoverdidn't have enough whites on it. funny how the killed of eddie and whiten the show up as much as possible. I loved seeing Jc & Eddie brother like bond, Jc's relationship with his son. Eddie' relationship with his father and nina. the show rep People color in a positive light doing it better that every other show on tv. please bring it back with the originals.
posted by Deairra- Renee on Dec 10, 2010
I agree with everything above. We need Jc & Eddie both back as regulars. I also loved Natalie's and Lt.Cooper, all the other characrters can be erased from the canas. I.E. Tommy, Nina,(Sorry dodn't care for her character),And all the other cops that replaced Eddie & Cooper and ruined the show. filthiest fanale ever! JMO
posted by Andy on Nov 15, 2010
Bring eddie cooper and natalies back now if a success release the 90s show on DVD long over due
posted by Uncle Woo on Oct 09, 2010
I couldn't watch the show after Eddie got killed. If they can bring the show back with JC and Eddie I will be there every week just like I used to be.
posted by Mr. know it all on Sep 17, 2010
bring it back asap! I still watch the reruns. bring back natalie's, bring back Lt. Cooper, and most importantly bring back Eddie.
posted by Deairra- Renee on Sep 17, 2010
New York Undercover is quality television at its best. No show since can hold a candle to it! Please give us back the best duo of all time, aka Willams & Torres.
posted by LAKER GIRL on Sep 17, 2010
To Anyone whose listening Please BRING THIS SHOW BACK! with JC & Eddie both as regulars! don't care how its done! NYC UNDERCOVER was the last in a dying breed of classic tevelsion shows. THANK GOD for THE GAME.
posted by JD1118 on Jul 14, 2010
where do I get the email address?
posted by Monet waite on Jul 01, 2010
I love that show!!! Please please please bring it back!! Especially j.c and Torras as orignal cast members. Ok and Moreno too. And the lady lutendent she waz funny!! But no one else!! Dont fuck up the show!!! Love ya J.C and Torras!!
posted by Miaara on Jun 09, 2010
I agree the as long as they bring back J.C. and Torres. I would change the other characters. After Moreno, the show went down. It wasn't her fault. But the writing for her charater could have been better. I love the first lt. The blonde. But she was shot and killed. So I say, just J.C. and Torres.
posted by FR3AKyFR3d on May 28, 2010
This was`one of my favorite shows during that time. I think it would a good show to remake. Like Mr. D said it should have the original cast. I still watch reruns of the old show. Love it.
posted by Mr D on Apr 25, 2010
The show was one of a kind.If only they can bring back former castmembers.
posted by Ms. z on Apr 24, 2010
This was a great show, please bring it back. There are some great shows on right now that fit the same profile as New York Undercover, so please be considerably mindful of the time slot, as well as the night it airs. Much success!!!

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