Colin Farrell Did NOT Have Brawl in London

Colin Farrell

A representative for the actor said Farrell was in Los Angeles when photographers snapped a picture of someone looking like him in a heated situation.

Reformed bad boy Colin Farrell hit the headlines this weekend after becoming embroiled in a brawl outside a London club. The "Miami Vice" star, who is now sober after battling drug and alcohol addictions, was leaving Cafe De Paris on Saturday night, April 17 when he got involved in a heated exchange with a fellow partygoer.

The altercation threatened to turn violent when the other man lunged at Farrell, but his pals managed to pull the Irish actor away and avoid it turning into a full-blown fight. The star reportedly walked unscathed from the scene.

However, a rep for the actor had told TMZ that it couldn't have been Farrell for the actor was in Los Angeles in the time of incident. Additionally, the publication obtained pictures from the scene that showed someone looking like the actor engaging in a brawl.



    A Fan
    Apr 19, 2010

    One simple phone call would have kept all this from happening, but, noooooo, they just had to be the first ones out there with this. I hope there is a libel suit and the money goes to the many charities Colin supports.

    Colin Farrell Fansit
    Apr 19, 2010

    If the people who started this rumor did their homework they would have seen that the guy in the photos did not have any tats on his arms like Colin does.

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