First Picture of Christina Milian's Baby Revealed

April 09, 2010 04:52:38 GMT

After giving birth to her daughter with husband The-Dream in February, the 28-year-old singer has now shown off baby Violet by posing with the tot.

Christina Milian
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Photo credit: Vinnet Bradshaw/WENN

Christina Milian has introduced her baby daughter Violet to the world with a photoshoot in a Us magazine. The singer gave birth to her first child with her producer husband The-Dream in February, after announcing the pregnancy in October 2009, just weeks after they secretly married in Las Vegas.

She has now shown off little Violet for the first time in a spread with America's Us Weekly magazine, opening up her home to the cameras to reveal the tot's newly-decorated nursery. Milian tells the publication, "She's got a lot of personality! She laughs a lot!"

During the interview, she also revealed that she has lost 27 of the 45 pounds she gained. "I've been eating salads and fruit like crazy," the singer claimed. She moreover stated her plan to breast-feed for year, saying "I'm surprised how hungry she is. Like, how do I keep up?"

Picture of Christina Milian with daughter Violet in Us Magazine.


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posted by ASHANTI on Oct 16, 2011
posted by Kenwood on Nov 19, 2010
Christina you and your baby are very beatiful have a great life together
posted by Maggies on Nov 15, 2010
Your Baby is adorable..I've aways been one of your greatest fans. u can do anythin
posted by william011 on Aug 02, 2010
chistina just want to say how beautiful you are and ask to dump that piece of garbage you are wAY TOO BEAUTIFUL TO BE WITH SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO CHEAT ON YOU
posted by KAYLA CURRIE on Aug 02, 2010
posted by jean on Jul 23, 2010
christina,your baby gurl is absoloutly bad the dream does not know what he wants but a big congrats to you babe...i like totally think you ROCK!!!
posted by layla on Jul 20, 2010
ur baby is cute and she look like u
posted by freerose on Jul 12, 2010
The Dream is more like The Nightmare. Keep your head up and love Violet, you are beautiful and worth more than Gold Christina.
posted by syl\'ia on Jul 08, 2010
ur still lookin as bootaful as eer u go chickita
posted by T on Jun 28, 2010
She is beautiful, congrats!!!
posted by Bree on Jun 21, 2010
Lookin JUST like her daddy LOL Beautiful baby Christina :-)
posted by lilleelee on Jun 16, 2010
gorgeous just gorgeous congrats on the baby christina
posted by Dee on Jun 15, 2010
Christine your baby is beautiful just like her mom!
posted by little miss bossy on May 17, 2010
violet is so cute!
posted by catherin on May 12, 2010
I love your baby so much i wish that she was part of my family and that you were my mum you and your baby rock
posted by lala on Apr 28, 2010
omg shes cute i cant belive it...omg.but y by dream eew.but shes still cute
posted by lil mama on Apr 22, 2010
christina ur baby is cute i should be the god mom
posted by *baddchikk* on Apr 20, 2010
well i think she's pretty but y violet as the babys name well i guess congrats to u in the dream i love you christina and the dream u rock!!1
posted by sweetpe@ on Apr 19, 2010
christine she is very beautiful
posted by nina on Apr 18, 2010
your baby is very beatiful christina.
posted by Alaysia on Apr 11, 2010
Christina violet is so cute she looks just like you and I bet she is happy tht ur her mom.

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