Sean Penn Faces Lawsuit for Threatening to Kill Paparazzi

April 06, 2010 08:48:37 GMT

The 'Persepolis' actor is sued by photographer Jordan Dawes following 2009 bust-up in California where the actor was 'kicking and punching' the snapper and threatened to kill him.

Sean Penn
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Photo credit: Zibi/WENN

Sean Penn's violent clash with a paparazzi in October 2009 has landed him in more trouble - the Oscar winner is facing a lawsuit from the snapper after he allegedly threatened to kill him. The actor has already been charged with two misdemeanor counts of criminal battery and vandalism after reportedly kicking photographer Jordan Dawes and damaging his camera in a bust-up in California.

Dawes claims he suffered serious injuries after Penn started "kicking and punching" him, leaving him in need of surgery on his knee. According to legal papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Dawes accuses Penn of breaking his camera before threatening his life by sneering, "The next time I see you, you will be in a box."

Dawes is seeking compensation for the alleged attack. Penn's criminal case is still pending, reports TMZ.


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posted by CoastalCaldwell on Jun 15, 2010
GO SEAN! Put that fucktard in a box, that's where all the paparazzi belong. If you were ever pissed at life and wanted to kill yourself - take out a crowd of paparazzi with you.
posted by reckless peaches on Apr 07, 2010
Let Sean alone.... I wish more stars would actually KILL the paparazzi. They are the lowest form of life. Hiding in bushes and following clebs around because they have absolutely NO LIFE of their own, so they have to make others' miserable.

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