Paul McCartney Has a Free-Meat Tour

April 05, 2010 07:41:07 GMT

Paul McCartney asks his employees to shun meat during his South American and European tour and gives '480 vegetarian meals a day to keep the crew going.'

Paul McCartney
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Paul McCartney has banned meat from his latest tour - he's serving vegetarian meals to all his crew members. The Beatles' star is taking his "Up and Coming Tour" through the U.S., South America and Europe, and the staunch animal rights activist is making sure all his employees give up meat for the duration of the trek.

A spokesman for the veteran rocker tells Britain's Sunday Express newspaper, "We will serve some 480 vegetarian meals a day to keep the crew going."

British singer Leona Lewis is also taking steps to make her upcoming tour meat-free - she's wiped animal products from the menu when she hits the road in May. She said, "The meat industry is polluting the environment. I've banned all meat from photoshoots to the tour itself simply because I don't support the meat industry."


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posted by mountaintree on Jun 05, 2010
On this planet, there is a difference of what is here now and what was here a couple of million years ago. 2+2=4
posted by Peety on May 05, 2010
Free meat? He's offering unconscious drunk girls to the audience? Weird.
posted by dks on Apr 06, 2010
LOL, Title fail. Can I come along with the tour? I'm meat-free!
posted by m on Apr 06, 2010
meat-free not free-meat. Ya meat-head!
posted by PaulT on Apr 06, 2010
The heading should read "Meat-Free", NOT "Free-Meat". There is a HUGE difference.
posted by Velociraptor on Apr 06, 2010
Who cares?
posted by peter on Apr 06, 2010
They better not be wearing any leather jackets or shoes because they come from animals or leather belts etc .... Bunch of hipocrits...
posted by HELLO!?!?!? on Apr 06, 2010
educate yourself on what mass producing meat is doing to our bodies as well as the earth, not to mention the animals.
posted by me on Apr 06, 2010
morrissey has been doing that for years.
posted by RoboCCXIII on Apr 05, 2010
im pretty sure all of paul and leona's fans are vegetarian. not to mention meat has always been on the human diet for a couple million years, why change now?

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