Janet Jackson: Michael Jackson Was in Very Much Denial

Janet Jackson

Talking about his late brother's drug issue for the first time, Janet Jackson says, 'We tried it several times and he was very much in denial.'

Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother Michael Jackson's drug problems for the first time, revealing the King of Pop's siblings tried many times to force him into rehab. The singer admits the family staged numerous interventions in an effort to help the doomed superstar - but he refused to accept he had an issue.

In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will air in America on Friday, April 2, Jackson says, "We tried it several times and he was very much in denial." She also reveals she and other family members always feared that Michael's life would end the way it did.

Jackson adds, "I felt that day could possibly come; I think everyone thinks that who has a family member or a friend (in trouble)." The King of Pop died in June 2009 after suffering a drug-induced cardiac arrest.

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    Apr 15, 2010

    what the hell you are think you are for juging ? SORRY BUT he wasn't a baby everybody have their own business, who knew if she try and didn't succeed . who didn't know anything you are not god leave her alone !!! for god sake !!! some people can depend on something for ages ,live with others and we didn't know that can happen let wait and see and stop talking bullshit toward janet

    Apr 15, 2010

    shut up th mouth!! she said he was depend on medication and didn't realize that can happen to everyone he was an human being sorry but murray was his doctor since the beginning of the year and the doctor found out propofol so talk bullshit everybody know that don't be manipulated by the media . he was in rehab decade ago so what she always defend him

    Apr 12, 2010

    i have always thought that janet was diffrent from the rest of THE JACKSON but now I know she like the rest of them!!!! it's very sad, sad, sad and shame of you janet!!!

    Apr 10, 2010

    I agree that EVERY JACKSON family member needs to just SHUT UP if they cannot 100% DEFEND their brother because they will end up screwing up the whole thing!

    Apr 04, 2010

    What did Janet do? Saying on Oprah that Mike was a drug addict and that his death was expected by her family? would be Janet relative of Dr. Murray, the of Jordan, the of Gavin Arvizo, Dianne Diamont, the of infamous prosecutor Tom Sneddon or the Martin Bashir? The declaration of Janet will give feed to the defense of Dr. Murray. The autopsy proved that the body of Mike there weren’t drugs, but medicament. Maybe he took medicament to forget the pain of having a family like the Jacksons. In my country, the term drugs has different meaning the of medication. Here, drugs is something very bad. What to tell parents of children who love Mike and his music? Is raising a legion of fans of Mike that are still children and tennager who did not know him at the height of fame. What parents will say now? Michael's sister said on international network that Mike was a junkie and he killed himself with drugs. They will say: I do not want my kids being fans of drugged because the use drug is a crime. Janet is a fake. Mike loved her more than all. She disrespected his memory and is endangering the safety of the children of Mike. All to promote your career. The Brazilian fans hated what she did and not want her records are sold here. By the way, we expect that certain information that reached the tabloids have not gone out of certain people with blood ties in whom he trusted Mike.

    Apr 02, 2010

    I think it is shameful for Janet to talk about Michael's alleged addiction, geez to Oprah no less, without being specific as to what drugs he was taking and why he was taking them! If Michael were my brother I would be defending him by stating FACT and TRUTH to the media, not heresay for the sake of airtime and ratings. Michael was not a drug addict, his addiction to prescription medications were for specific reasons and understandably so as he lived his life under relentless scrutiny. FACT is the autopsy showed NO DRUGS in Michael's body other than for pain and nerves, so why is Janet making statements that alude to Michael being a drug addict? When anyone in the Jackson family speaks about this subject to the media they should be forthright and explicitly clear instead of feeding further into the speculation and rumours circulating. Dear Michael is being disrespected even in death. I am disappointed in Janet. I'm also curious as to why in 2001 Janet felt ill when Michael was taken to the hospital, yet in 2009 she felt nothing? Janet told Oprah in a 2001 interview how she has a special connection to Michael and that while she was working, she felt suddenly ill before finding out Michael was taken to the hospital. Well....how come in 2009 there was no longer that same connection to him? Janet didn't feel her brother's distress that fateful day? Strange. I say all of this with L.O.V.E. and am sympathetic towards the entire Jackson family. I can't help but be confused with all the inconsistencies and contradictions said by family members since Michael's stated death. I pray one day TRUTH prevails. God Bless us one and all. LOVEU Michael....forever in my heart and prayers.

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