Matthew Vaughn Responds to Criticism Against 'Kick-Ass'

Matthew Vaughn

Deemed too violent for big screen, 'Kick-Ass' actually needs the controversy or else fans of the comic book 'would have killed' the director.

British moviemaker Matthew Vaughn has brushed off criticism of his controversial new movie "Kick-Ass" - because he's convinced the complaints are all down to media hype. The director has come under fire from critics in the U.K. who claim the film is too violent for the big screen, and that 13-year-old actress Chloe Moretz should not have been cast as assassin Hit Girl, a character who uses bad language throughout the movie.

But Vaughn is adamant the controversy has been blown out of proportion - because he hasn't received one complaint from anybody who has seen the film. He tells Britain's "The One Show", "I actually don't think there will be (complains from parents). When people see the film they'll be surprised. I haven't had one complaint from someone who's seen the movie yet."

"We put comedy in (the movie) to show (the violence) isn't real. It's based on one of the most successful comic books ever written so if I didn't put the controversy in the fans would have killed me."




    Jan 14, 2013

    I just saw this movie on cable television! It was the first time I have seen it and it was extremely disturbing in many, many ways that are obvious if you have seen it. "big Daddy".... children murderers.... children seeking revenge with more murder.... Glorifiying all of these violent acts!.. Take the children out and the wierd creeeepyness and you have a decent movie! But it still shouldnt be on cable tv for kids to see. I loved violent films growing up but this is way toooo far. This would have messed me up big time! If any movie or video game made so far has has caused children to act violently its this one.

    Dec 02, 2010

    Who ever complained is a condecending mutt, who doesn't understand and see reality as it should be. That little girl could be named 'mary' and no one would still get it and still complained. I got tearful eyes at the end of the movie when her father died.... who ever was that dude who complained and said it should be banned, should not ever be the judge of such things, if complaining was the only way that he thought he could try and save the world

    Movie Viewer
    Aug 15, 2010

    This movie is very disturbing. I can't imagine this being made. It's different when you see adults killing adults but this is a little girl going on a rampage and herself being mentally and physically abused while injecting a bit of light humors like this is OK. Kids will have a totally distorted view of what is wrong and what is right after seeing this. They are glorifying all aspects of this movie. And you all know that they will go see this movie whether or not their parents permit it. So the argument that parents should know better to not take their kids to this movie does not apply here. Materials like this should not be made to the general public. I don't blame people who watch this. I blame the adults who should know better than hiring a little girl to do this movie. While supporters of this kinds of movies say this is just a satire, an adult comedy, an adult fantasy. Well, a real young girl is in that movie, that's no fantasy. She is not made of ink and paper. Also, I don't want to band this movie for those who lust for gore and excessive violence, I agree that there are plenty out there but unlike this movie, they are not highly publicized and made easily available at your local movie stores or kiosks.

    Jul 06, 2010

    People jump at anything remotely out of the ordinary and try and ban it. This is the funniest film I've seen in a very long time. No film should be "banned" why are people trying so hard to ban this film? There's millions of pornos available at the click of a button on the net, and people are worried about this film, which is obviously made sarcastically and meant to be a complete joke and impossible. People just want to complain and not face the bigger problems. Don't take these things so damn seriously.

    Really Are You Serio
    Jun 02, 2010

    Really i grew up in mexico this is a country where you can buy a news paper and see all the distubing pictures of dead bodys. and you know what i see aswell, i see kids getting used to seeing dead people on the ground. they know more about guns and drugs than reading.. so i can see how a single picture affects my whole country!. so tell me what is a whole movie going to do to our world.. i dont want to know what is going to happen when the kids try to immitate what this lil girl is doing. just think about what kids are going to do. man you already know that this world is kind of a mess. and you give them the tools to make it worse. i mean in the US every family has a gun, kids are going to think that it is a normal thing to do... you could make more bucks doing other kinds of movies.. you could do something for kids and fans, and make a real impact for good. like really BE a hero!... But being a hero is not just shooting guns, its valor and honor and respect to humankind. what people have to know is that they are hero's when they are allowed to spend moments with the ones they love, when a brother plays with his lil brother or when a dad fix's his childs bike.. those are real hero's. just check the movie from sandra bulock(blind side) man she kick ass with that movie. and she did better than you and will keep doing so if you continue making these kind of films. Tadeo Andres Preciado Ramirez

    May 21, 2010

    "I haven't had one complaint from someone who's seen the movie yet." Then let me be the first. I Just saw it. It wasn't funny at all; it was disturbing. I agree wholeheartedly with the UK on this one. And I'm sick of hearing everyone play the "but it was rated "R"" card. This movie should be banned for the same reason they don't portray children's cartoon characters smoking anymore; like cartoons, films portraying children are going to be influential with children; especially younger children. A basic understanding of human psychology would illuminate the fact that exposing young individuals to glorified violence desensitizes them to it, as their brains are still developing, and easily influenced. So ironically, "Hit Girl"'s upbringing unintentionally demonstrates exactly what is wrong with this film. And its pathetically naive to assume that because its rated R parents won't take children to see it. Vaughn needs to get his head out of his money padded rear and learn to be responsible as a filmmaker.

    Apr 21, 2010

    People complain about anything these days.

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