Lauren Graham Mistakenly Accused Old Woman for Broadway Filming

March 31, 2010 04:43:12 GMT

The 'Gilmore Girls' actress was embarrassed after wanting an audience to be taken out from the theater because she wrongly considered the 80-year-old lady's flashing birthday pin as camera's light.

Lauren Graham
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Photo credit: Emily Grant/WENN

Actress Lauren Graham was left red-faced during her Broadway debut in "Guys and Dolls" after she mistakenly demanded an 80-year-old woman be ejected from the theater for filming. The "Gilmore Girls" star first took the stage as Miss Adelaide, the long-suffering fiancee to Oliver Platt's Nathan Detroit, in March 2009 for the revival of the stage production.

But Graham insists her performances were sometimes marred by rude theatergoers who attempted to film the show. She explains, "People film everything now. It's awful. It's really distracting because you can see that red light and you start thinking, 'What am I going to look like on YouTube?' "

The actress admits she decided to take action during one night's performance - but she chose the wrong person to make an example of, by accusing a frail old lady.

She remembers, "Right down in the front one day I could see this red light flashing and I came off stage and said, 'Please go get this person, it's wrecking our scene.' The stage manager came back and said, 'Well, good news is we shut the light down. The bad news is it's an 80-year-old woman's birthday and it was her birthday pin flashing.' "


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posted by Lola on Apr 03, 2010
Wow, you should really get your facts straight before writing an article like this. What a shambles of journalism. She told this story herself and it was completely different than the way you wrote it. Seriously, where's the integrity in reporting?
posted by Cee on Mar 31, 2010
Dude, the context for this is totally off. This makes her sound like a complete diva but if you watch her interview with Jay Leno on 3/29 you see her tell the story. She was really self deprecating in the way she told it and she was never trying to get the person ejected, just the light shut down. Sorry but I hate when a story gets spun in a different way from its context.

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