No Venue Wants to Host Chris Brown's Birthday Party

March 30, 2010 03:14:44 GMT

Chris Brown still has the effect of his assault on Rihanna as he gets difficulty in finding a plush venue for his birthday bash since some club promoters snub him.

Chris Brown
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Disgraced R&B singer Chris Brown is still suffering the after-effects of his attack on Rihanna - he's reportedly struggling to find a venue for his upcoming 21st birthday party. The shamed star was handed a community service order and five years probation for repeatedly punching the "Umbrella" hitmaker during a bust-up after a pre-Grammy Awards party in 2009.

His image has taken a battering since the incident - and now the "With You" singer is even allegedly struggling to find a plush venue whose owners are happy to host the star's 21st birthday celebrations in May.

The singer has reportedly scouted for clubs in New York, Miami, and Las Vegas without success. A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "(Some club promoters) don't want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship, with Rihanna."


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posted by Shantell on Jun 03, 2010
I. Love. You
posted by Anonymous Breezy Lov on May 22, 2010
Happy Birthday Chris Breezy! Ignore da haters Chris! Yuuur still da best singer n I'll always support yuu. Luv Yuuu Breezy n keep doin ur ting ;)
posted by TeamXbreezy on May 05, 2010
happy bday chris dnt worry ama kill rihanna ama chop her head off and feed it to alligators lol xxx
posted by rissa on May 04, 2010
funny how people judge but when itz turned on them they can't handle it. I sure all rihanna fans have something to cheer about now seeing as though she wasn't as famous til she got her ass whooped. she's a star of pitty if you ask me. Keep goin chris..your the best!!! let the stupid comments fill your confidence even more.
posted by -- on May 03, 2010
You really need your head's seeing too. His a animal, and got let off lightly because his a "star"
posted by Mazi on Apr 14, 2010
Hey Chris,we love u and nofin is goin change dat,keep ya head up nd do wat u knw hw to do best..Hapi bufdai in advance
posted by rick on Mar 30, 2010
It really does not matter if Rihanna is a star or some troll on a street corner. Any man who can beat a woman like he did needs to be locked up in a mental institution. Chris Brown is scum...I don't care if he is a good singer. There are plenty of good singers out there who are decent human beings who deserve to be supported far more than him. Any man who can raise his hand in anger against a woman should be ostracized from society, and I am glad to see that is exactly what is happening to this freak.
posted by Muffy on Mar 30, 2010
Don, you know Rihanna is more important than jesus freakin' christ! *sarcasm*
posted by lucie colon on Mar 29, 2010
that little ugly bich from barbatos
posted by marise bond on Mar 29, 2010
who's rihanna?
posted by don on Mar 29, 2010
I guess I need to start praying to Rihanna since evrybody and seems to think she is some kind of God or something. Praise her all you want, hope she does not disapoint yall, my Lord and Savior is Jesus, not Rihanna. Hold your head up Chris, regardless celebrate your birthday with pride, these idiots no not what they do.
posted by izzi on Mar 29, 2010
He can do it at my house lol. I love you Chris Brown

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