Marie Osmond Reportedly to Remarry First Husband

March 25, 2010 07:59:05 GMT

A source reveals that Marie Osmond's first husband Stephen Craig has asked the singer to remarry him, stating 'She's accepted. The truth is Marie never stopped loving him.'

Marie Osmond
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Grieving Marie Osmond will remarry her first husband, according to U.S. tabloid reports. The singer has rediscovered feelings for former basketball star Stephen Craig, who has been her rock following the death of her adopted teenage son Michael - and now sources tell America's Globe the pair has tentatively agreed to wed again.

The couple married in 1982 and divorced three years later, but remained friends. One insider tells the Globe, "Stephen helped Marie pull through (after Michael's death)... He asked her to marry him and she's accepted. The truth is Marie never stopped loving him. I think they were just too young when they first hooked up... The timing just wasn't right. Now it seems to be."

Her second marriage with Stephen Craig aside, Marie Osmond laid his son Michael Blosil in a private memorial in his home state of Utah on March 8. During the funeral, Osmond delivered her emotional speech, saying "I'm proud of my son and I honor his birth mother who's here today, who gave me the greatest gift. Thank you for those beautiful 18 years."


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posted by PiratePride5 on Oct 22, 2010
Utah don't get excommunicated from the Mormon church for getting divorced.
posted by utah 1 on Jul 16, 2010
OOHHH, HOW COOL...PUKE. Who the heck cares? Her church is against divorce yet let her get away with what anyone else would have been excommunicated for from this church,LITERALLY! Religion matters because she and her family make a big deal out of it, when it's to their benefit, Temple marriages for Marie..again...
posted by rietha smith on Apr 01, 2010
im glad they are getting back together
posted by Hollywoodcc117 on Mar 26, 2010
I really hate articles like this. Is it a slow news day? Who cares what she is doing, it is no ones business. Find some world news to report on, please!
posted by BEEBEES on Mar 26, 2010
ihave known this since December 2006. Tabloids are bit slow figuring this out.

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