PETA Urges Authorities to Ban Mike Tyson's Pigeon Show

Mike Tyson

Learning that the boxing champ will start filming his reality TV show about bird race in April, PETA has urged authorities to scrap the series because 'it is inherently cruel.'

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson is facing a challenge from animal rights campaigners over his upcoming bird racing reality show after they branded the program "cruel". The retired sportsman has harbored a passion for pigeon racing for years and recently landed a TV deal to bring his hobby to the small screen in U.S. series "Taking on Tyson".

But the concept of the show has infuriated activists from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and they are calling on the show to be halted before filming starts in Brooklyn, New York in April. PETA general counsel Jeffrey Kerr says, "It is inherently cruel. The birds often end up lost in storms, being injured, or just becoming so exhausted that they're unable to fly."

Tyson's show is already under investigation by the New York District Attorney's office over allegations it involves illegal gambling and Kerr is hoping state authorities ban the series from going to air. He adds, "Pigeon racing as an industry involves gambling. That's why people do it, to make money."

However, bosses at the Animal Planet network, who bought the rights to Tyson's show, insist the complaints are unfounded. Representative Patricia Kollappallil tells the New York Daily News, "There have never been any plans for wagering on the pigeon race. (The birds will be) cherished and respected by their owners, including Mr. Tyson."




    jersey girl
    Mar 16, 2011

    i am not a supporter of peta and i am certiantly not a support of a convicted rapist having a tv show. i already contacted the network and they are considering making changes. he is a rapist.

    pigeon downunder
    Oct 11, 2010

    i just had a look at the peta write up. were do they get off.the hippys want to lay of the pot 4a while ...have a look at the pigeons living in the cities run down no food and open to predators cats hawks etc atleast your birds are looked after safe cage and food daily..if i was a pigeon i would like to be living in your cage instead of on the streets in danger your the best mike

    pigeon man from down
    Oct 11, 2010

    keep up the good work mike ...looking forward to seeing more of your pigeons in action.. [birdzilla sums the rest up well]

    Jun 06, 2010

    im on mikes side!..."theres something about pigeons"!

    Apr 02, 2010

    If mike Tyson has a interest in racing pigeons then its his interest if the stupid hippy jerks from PETA dont like it tell them to snuff alfalfa sprouts up their noses and watch their dumb movies like BABE and GORDY

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