Robert Pattinson Worried About 'Remember Me' Reception

March 19, 2010 09:37:45 GMT

The lead actor said his latest movie is not a happy romantic drama that fans would expect, thus it may come a little disappointing.

Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson is anxious about the reception his new film "Remember Me" will receive - warning his fans not to expect to have their "buttons pressed". The "Twilight" hunk stars in the romantic drama opposite Emilie de Ravin and plays a rebel who faces a tragic end.

And the Brit is concerned his devotees may be left disappointed by the moving film, as it isn't the "happy romantic drama" people may be expecting. He tells Britain's Sky News, "It does worry me that when a film has a lot of attention, most audiences are used to having all their buttons pressed, and it doesn't really press the same buttons as other films."

"I hope people don't go into it thinking, 'I am going to watch a really happy romantic drama', because it is not really."

When it was released in the U.S. on March 12, "Remember Me" did not live up to the expectation in the box office. With only $8 million in the first week, the drama landed at number 5 behind "Shutter Island".


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posted by bren on Mar 27, 2010
Remember Me was an excellent movie. Robert Pattinson was excellent along with the other actors in the film.Please go see it.
posted by Angie on Mar 20, 2010
JUST GO SEE IT!! It is a beautiful movie and Rob is amazing. All of the actors are. Crystal is right. It's a film you should not miss. If you don't go see it because of what some biased critics said about it, you are missing out.
posted by Crystal on Mar 19, 2010
Went for the hot scenes with Rob and came out amazed. This movie is phenomenal, I completely forgot that I was viewing actors in a film and got lost in the story. If you miss this movie, you have missed out, it's that incredible.
posted by Val on Mar 19, 2010
Remember Me was a great and moving film. i have seen it twice. I loved it and Rob was great in it.
posted by Piz on Mar 19, 2010
Remember Me is a beautiful movie. Robert Pattinson is excellent.

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