Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe From Howard Stern's Backlash

March 16, 2010 04:33:55 GMT

Jessica Simpson has now waded into Gabourey Sidibe weight debat following Howard Stern's offensive comments, calling his statements 'disrespectful'.

Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe From Howard Stern's Backlash
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Jessica Simpson has become the latest star to wade into the debate over Gabourey Sidibe's weight after Howard Stern urged the portly Precious star to seek help - the singer has called the DJ's comments "disrespectful". Stern sparked an outcry after he labeled the Oscar-nominee "the most enormous, fat black chick I've ever seen" and claimed she will struggle to secure any more roles in Hollywood because of her size.

The shock jock also urged Sidibe to seek help because "obesity" is a life-threatening condition. Sidibe's mum, Alice Tan Ridley, subsequently slammed the DJ for his unkind comments, and Whoopi Goldberg urged Stern to focus on Sidibe's acting not her dress size. And now Simpson, who was criticized in the press for her own weight struggles in 2009, has spoken out - insisting Stern shouldn't have taken aim at Sidibe over such a personal issue.

She tells E! Online, "I'm actually surprised somebody had the cojones to say that. I just think that's really disrespectful. It's unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it. She was beautiful. There was no denying that she did not think she was the most beautiful person on that red carpet. She was just owning that moment for herself. She had such confidence and I absolutely 100 per cent think she could get anything in the world that she wants."


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posted by dan on Mar 17, 2010
Mum, da, what kind of language are you speaking? Go back to Africa.
posted by Fat Man on Mar 17, 2010
He said the truth, the thing that everyone wants to say. Can't speak your mind in this environment anymore. The movie was great, her acting was phenomenal. The role required her to be unhealthy. She has prospered from her obesity but if she expects to live a long life she really should make a change in her life.
posted by proud mary on Mar 16, 2010
da grace and i love me came from her rays as she came down da carpet more then i can say about howard i when i think of u i think of a dumb ass mop!
posted by lara a on Mar 16, 2010
the truth they say is bitter. let's not deceive ourselves, the girl needs help and the earlier the better for her. i am in the health field and i know what it means to look like that. i know she cannot tie her own shoe lace not to talk of see what it looks like in-between her legs. she doesn't need to feel bad. we will contineu to encourage her in the process of her weight loss and hopefully, things work out her way. it can be hard and difficult but with determination, gabby, you will make.remember, people will continue to critisize you, make fun of you, but don't worry. remain focussed and God will help you. i will rwmember you in my prayers.
posted by good heart on Mar 16, 2010
Why don't you allow this young lady to be, she loves herself, and that's all that matters for now, and if there is any reason in future for her to loose the weight, then she can. I think it is very disrespectul for anyone to sat ugly things like this, you never know tomorrow you can be in a worse situation.
posted by jl12007 on Mar 16, 2010
Why hasn't he said anything about James Gandolfini?
posted by beno on Mar 16, 2010
Howard stern mouth is unbridled!
posted by bitchmagee on Mar 16, 2010
Howard Stern is not pleasant to look at either. Hollywoods double standards are deafing. HS is sexist and his porch monkey co host Robin is just as bad. He wouldn't tell Jack Black to lose some weight.
posted by no howard on Mar 16, 2010
Howard you suck and your a tall retard who earns a living being dumb you have never had any class your just a loser with a tiny private part and you could not lick the red carpet fragments off that girls shoes you loser drop dead
posted by loasporter23 on Mar 16, 2010
please, the girl is obese, unhealthy and not pretty to look at. Lets be honest.
posted by BLargh on Mar 16, 2010
Someone needs to tell howard stern that the jew fro only looks good on Slash....I mean damn even peter frampton got the memo He's an ass I can't stand him
posted by prettygirltoo on Mar 16, 2010
What can you expect from a man who has absolutely no class or respect for other people. What an idiot!
posted by prettygirltoo on Mar 16, 2010
Howard can you drop dead or something? People are so sick of your disrespectful, idiotic comments about other people! You get some help by looking for class (if you know what that is).
posted by upoorbabyu on Mar 16, 2010
Hello Howard, hello? hello? Is there anyone home? I just don't get it, how can it make u feel so good to make someone so sweet feel bad. Look in the mirror, sweetie, u r no f--in prize, is anyone asking u to make a movie?ha, I didn;t think so... Everybody forgets u until u do or say something really stupid to draw attention to yourself...
posted by Princess Denise on Mar 16, 2010
One of the most sickening and disgraceful things a Man or Woman can do to another person is show lack of Respect and Self Worth. In this world... God Loves Fat, Skinny, Rich and the Poor... He loves people God Loves people that are Intelligent and iliterate and he also loves Racists, Fools and people with Garbage in their Mouth and Heart...If I was God, I would slap the face of Howard Stern for hurting and disgracing another Human being.. like he always does...He will get his just reward one day soon if he keeps living
posted by K. Star on Mar 16, 2010
No one is denying the fact that she's overweight, but Stern made those comments simply to poke fun at her, and he is now trying to save himself by saying that he's concerned for her health. Howard, you're not fooling anybody, so just admit that you used her weight as an excuse to make jokes about her. Obesity is an epidemic in this country, but I think it's up to Gabby and her medical advisers to come up with the best solution for HER health.
posted by socalpugilist on Mar 16, 2010
Has the world gone mad. I realize that we live in a society where 7 or 10 people are overweight or obese, but supportive messages are delusional. The fact that she is healthy on the inside, which is great, does not override the fact that she is terribly unhealthy on the outside. She is clinically obese by a large pun intended....and inherently, that is not healthy in so many ways. "Owning it" does not obscure this fact, just as "owning" that you're a deadbeat dad or a pathological liar does not make it right. She should make changes.
posted by katwoman on Mar 16, 2010
The only reason she should lose weight is for health reasons. I thought she looked beautiful at the Oscars and I admire her confidence and talent. She will go far WHETHER OR NOT she loses weight!
posted by deb557 on Mar 16, 2010
on second thought-- howard, you dumb f#ck! I can't stand looking at you, listening to you, or anything about you! who do you think you are judging anybody? and no, I am not overweight (or ugly, or whatever), which is beside the point- or not. My point is that any opinion you and your dumb f#ck, jackass followers have is of no consequence to the vast majority of the people with a brain and a heart.
posted by reg g on Mar 16, 2010
may god bless him!
posted by JR2 on Mar 16, 2010
You all are crazy. He's right, she is morbidly obese and she should not be embraced. Otherwise people feel it is okay to lack self discipline get fat and then diabetes...ooh how beatiful!
posted by deb557 on Mar 16, 2010
howard stern is a jackass. this isn't what I'd like to post, but I'm trying to be polite!

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