Mike Tyson's Passion for Bird Race to Be Turned Into Reality TV Show

March 16, 2010 03:12:04 GMT

The former heavyweight champion will star in new reality TV show, which will follow his life and his pigeons in a series of bird racing, called 'Take on Tyson'.

Mike Tyson
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Photo credit: Jeff Daly/WENN

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is set to make his debut as a reality TV star - in a series about bird racing. The former heavyweight champion is also a life-long love pigeon keeper, and he'll showcase his passion for the birds in new U.S. series "Take on Tyson".

The program will follow Tyson and his feathered friends as he pits them against the best racing-pigeon owners in New York. He tells the New York Post, "I may have stopped fighting. But I never stopped flying birds. It's my first love." Filming is set to begin in April for the Animal Planet show, scheduled to air in early 2011.

Additionally, Animal Planet reveals that the show "peels back new layers of the remarkable persona and deep humanity of Mike Tyson." Meanwhile, Animal Planet's general manager Marjorie Kaplan says, "Tyson's passion for his pigeons takes my breath away."


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posted by Flu-Bird on Apr 21, 2010
A great hobby and if the idiots from PETA object tell them to GET A LIFE and quit being such a bunch of jerks
posted by reckless peaches on Mar 16, 2010
only in America can a rapist and unprofessional athlete star in their own series.

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