Midge Ure: Lady GaGa's Live Singing Is a Fresh Air

March 15, 2010 07:27:36 GMT

The Ultravox's former frontman has praised Lady GaGa for shunning lip-sync performance, saying 'it was nice to hear somebody actually sing live'.

Midge Ure: Lady GaGa's Live Singing Is a Fresh Air
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Former Ultravox's frontman Midge Ure has lavished praise on Lady GaGa for refusing to lip-sync at her shows - insisting her Monster Ball tour should encourage other artists to sing live. The veteran rocker admits he was astounded by the singer's performance when he attended one of her recent concerts in the U.K. - and he hopes other pop acts will follow her example by putting on a real show for fans.

He says, "I'm sick of acts cheating on stage, either lip-syncing or not totally playing live. It was like a breath of fresh air seeing Lady GaGa. In a sea of similar-type acts, who just go on and do the dance routines, it was nice to hear somebody actually sing live."

"Isn't that what you go to a concert for, to hear the music interpreted in a live fashion? Be real about it. There are no overdubs or fancy studio techniques. You can fix anything on a computer. So what if the vocals are a wee (little) bit flat here and there? That's how it was on the night."


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posted by Kelly McKean on Sep 02, 2010
Once a very respectable man, MIdge Ure has joined the league of liars called Satanic Celebrity worshippers. That sickening wailing electriod mass-marketing project, Lady Goo Goo, is a Satan Worshipper, see. See that what it pushes out towards your mind, a mechanical noise infested amalgamation of its inner evil thoughts and mental illness hallucinations from a depraved mind full of ugly, insane, Satanic imagery, which degrades human beings through the use of robotic, electronicization of a once-human voice, but unlike Ultravox, and other artists who consciously use technology to demonstrate dehumanization and distance from God. Use of electronic alteration of a good singing voice is not necessary unless the singer has no true talent. Therefore, Goo Goo is all artifice and flash, driven by very different motives than the true artist Ure is known to be. Then, he steps up to support her wish to "appear" as a natural singer, which she isn't.
posted by MLK88 on Mar 15, 2010
..But she did lipsync at that show.. And a lot of the other time, she sings over a vocal track and just doesn't say anything at all at some parts... I don't care, but she should be honest.

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