Nicole Eggert Wants to Find Corey Haim's Molester

March 13, 2010 07:47:12 GMT

Claiming that her late ex-boyfriend was sexually abused, Nicole Eggert is determined to track down the 'dirt' guy whom she believes has caused the actor became addicted to drugs.

Nicole Eggert Wants to Find Corey Haim's Molester
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Tragic actor Corey Haim's ex-girlfriend Nicole Eggert has launched a one-woman crusade to track down the pervert who ruined the "Lost Boys" star's life by molesting him when he was a teenager. The former "Baywatch" babe has revealed she was dating Haim around the time of the sex acts her late ex alluded to in interviews and during a heated discussion with pal Corey Feldman on an episode of their reality TV show "The Two Coreys".

Eggert insists she has no idea what was going on at the time, but now she's sickened by the thought of what was going on behind closed doors in the house where she used to hang out with Haim and Feldman - and she's determined to track down the sick guy who sexually abused her ex, sending him into a tailspin of substance abuse, which eventually claimed his life on Wednesday, March 10.

Haim died from a suspected overdose at his mother's apartment in Los Angeles. In a candid interview with U.S. news show "Access Hollywood", the actress says, "I know who they're talking about and that guy is still walking around."

"I hope he's having a horrible life ... I was there with them, I was friends with them at this time. I have been in the place where this was happening ... He just preyed on the boys ... It's disgusting. I'll kinda do a little research and remember his name and see if he's still around and if he's registered (as a sex offender). That guy is dirt. I walked away and forgot that person a long time ago but, if he is here, he should be stopped."


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posted by CoreyHaimsGhost on Nov 12, 2014
To all the people writing Joel and Stephen's names, you are idiots. Read Corey's book! It is EASY to decipher the names of this pedophile ring. Haim's molester is David Nicksay, and the other molesters were called pseudonyms in the book: Tony Burnham = Dominick Brascia Ron Crimson = John Grissom Ralph Kaufman = Alphy Hoffman Bill Kaufman = Bobby Hoffman
posted by Leticia on Jun 27, 2013
Nicole its abvious Joe Schumacher and Steven Spielberg did it I pray to God they confess repent and stop before they end up in hell!!!
posted by COLUMBO on Nov 16, 2012
posted by shit stabber on Sep 18, 2012
It is sick that Haim may have been molestered but no one knows who it was so why even mention names?To label someone a peado when theres no proof is an evil thing to do in itself,so unless you have solid proof should you be typing peoples names? I am all for naming and shaming but you have to have proof.
posted by onecorey on Dec 15, 2011
it really could be Joel Schumacher as one person claimed been around that time of Lost Boys and David Nicksay as well and some others. it's so disgusting those sick bastards are not convicted by law. CH was sure a nice guy and was tragically destroyed by monsters. look at Justin Bieber..they're also connected with him and maybe did the same to him already or other young actors they worked with. I just could puke if I think of Demi Moore who got high on cocaine and alcohol while filming St. Elmos Fire and he fired her for a week until she came back "clean", yeah- sure! can anyone who definately was there at the time speak out the truth and take legal action against them?! I would if I'd for real knew who it really was - regardless who it is! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!
posted by anonymus on Nov 26, 2011
Beware! this is no joke and you can not accuse anyone falsely. Nicole did not know the two Coreys knew so many years. It's a shame it could have Corey Haim get away, some traumas can destroy your life.
posted by Livid on Oct 27, 2011
Okay Nicole, and I know you already know this, so go get him: David Nicksay. Born April 15, 1943. Corey Haim stated that his molester was 42 years old when it first happened, and that he, himself, was 14 years old at the time. Lucas was filmed in 1985 (when Corey was 14), released in 1986. David Nicksay produced it, and was 42 at the time of filming. In 1979, David Nicksay produced a television series that Corey Feldman had a role in called, "The Bad News Bears". Feldman also stated that the person who molested Corey Haim is STILL TO THIS DAY a Hollywood "mogul". David Nicksay is a production manager for Justin Bieber and has co/executively produced many films and television shows since the late 1970's (Including Michael Jackson's short fim, entitled, "Ghost" which was released in 1997.) I won't sit quiet anymore. These monsters need to be stopped. Unfortunately this is only ONE of the people who victimized these two boys. That's all I can say.
posted by anna on Sep 10, 2011
if it were turn that corey haim did sexal used? he keep it too himself for awhile then tell his mum or dad without name this person? corey feldman made up a romour that he was sexal used by michael jackson but i think its too late for corey feldman to talk about it if michael jackson did it? its not my place to go searching into corey feldman's private life i just know the same romours/information as most of you already know
posted by JUSTAFAN on May 14, 2011
You know what I find really interesting? Joel Schumacher also directed The Client which is where Brad Renfro reportedly started drinking. And we all know how that ended...
posted by V on Apr 19, 2011
Incredible that noone's reacted and put this guy away! Illuminati? Could haim have been prgrammed to selfdestruct? Sure smells weird to me.
posted by peacecorey on Apr 18, 2011
it is over a year now since coreys death? why hasn't the offender been exposed?
posted by 4ever Corey Haim on Mar 10, 2011
You are great Corey. Even a year after your death I an still thinking and talking and watching you<3 Whoever did such terrible things to Corey to cause so much pain to such a beautiful man will have hell to Pay!
posted by luke-jones on Dec 04, 2010
Was he caught?
posted by Lulu on Aug 30, 2010
Are you sure it was Joel Schumacher? Joel was 48y/o when it was happening and Corey said it was with a 42 y/o?
posted by T on Aug 04, 2010
hmm I think the molester might be "Michael Bass" ? fromt he information provided that's sounds like the right person/time frame?
posted by richelle on Apr 06, 2010
Get him!If not, there is always KARMA!
posted by Chelsea on Mar 27, 2010
I hope and pray they find that sick ass MF! I was molested and I still have problems due to what happened. It never goes away and the people who don't understand, obviously haven't been thru it. It's horrible and I hope justice will be served! Corey deserves that at the very least. RIP Corey.
posted by TC on Mar 20, 2010
I think the authorities should step in and demand Feldman and all those who know about the abuse to come forward. All those who were adults at the time and didn't speak up should be prosecuted for contributing to the abuse of a minor.
posted by TIME TO PAY! on Mar 19, 2010
It's time this molester pays for his actions. Who cares who it is, this scum must be singled out!!! Even if it is joel schumacher.....
posted by garcia702 on Mar 18, 2010
My hat goes off to you. He was a very special person. It's just ashamed that he had to die before people realized it. May he rest in Peace.
posted by Blah, Blah on Mar 16, 2010
Hmmm...I suppose I must have been living in a cave. I had no idea that they were even molested. Where and when did this information surface?
posted by scorch on Mar 15, 2010
the secret i have carried since i was on set at santa cruz beach and boardwalk when they were filming the lost boys..........joel schumacher is the molester and it was going on during the filming of lost boys
posted by scorch on Mar 15, 2010
feldman does not know who the molester is, although he has an idea but its a director they worked with and feldman is trying to get his career back on track so its doubtful that he will ever even utter the name joel schumacher
posted by LovedhimLOTS on Mar 15, 2010
I do too, this has caused too much hurt to BOTH of the Coreys, and it is horrible that whoever this guy is, he is walking around with no care?
posted by Raidernation on Mar 15, 2010
Feldman needs to go public and name this sick individual he owes it to haim and all us fans of both haim and feldman, this scum could very well be the cause or should I say demise of a friendly kid. this dirtbag must be exposed.
posted by CrazyCannuk on Mar 14, 2010
I hope she raises enough of a stink to have the authorities step in. Haim may be gone but Feldman owes it to his life long friend to speak out.

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