Bodyguards Disclose Michael Jackson's Romance

March 10, 2010 04:22:22 GMT

During an interview on 'Good Morning America', Michael Jackson's three former bodyguards have talked about the King of Pop's girlfriends, stating '(He had) desires of women like we do'.

Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson's former bodyguards have spoken out about their late boss, revealing the King of Pop romanced a string of women with dates in the back of his limousine. The "Thriller" hitmaker's longterm security guards, Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon 'BJ' Beard, agreed to be interviewed on U.S. TV show "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, March 9.

And the trio divulged personal details of the late singer's life behind closed doors, insisting Jackson had at least two steady girlfriends whose identities have remained a secret - and he took them on dates driving up and down the Las Vegas strip when he lived in Sin City. When asked about the child molestation charges which were levied at Jackson despite his acquittal at a 2005 trial, all three insisted the star was not guilty of the accusations.

Whitfield says, "Being a man ... men know men, and we (were) around him long enough to know he was a man." While Garcia adds, "(He had) desires of women like we do. He had lovers."

And Whitfield goes on to describe Jackson's various romantic encounters in the back of his limousine, "In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. You couldn't see in the back seat. They talked back there, they didn't do nothing out of bounds ... you can hear the kissing."


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posted by renee on Jan 02, 2011
giggles abound.... cant wait for the book.
posted by mushu25 on May 19, 2010
I would like Michael's bodyguards to know that I am NOT fan, the press, the media, newsreporters, the tabloids, and NOT the pappazzi. I am just a lady who would have like to be in the backseat of the limo kissing Michael.
posted by bleri on Apr 27, 2010
oh michael i love u so much u deserve all the womens of the world
posted by Stella on Mar 22, 2010
people of dreaming of michael are crazy... how could you like someone with a prosthetic nose
posted by justme22 on Mar 21, 2010
These bodyguards only came on board in 2007. It's not like they've been around the man the past 30 yrs. Though I think Michael liked women as friends, I'm not buying into this that he was serious w/these women. After the trial, MJ's lawyer supposedly told him he should no longer hang out with the boys: at least for time being. I think Michael was lonely and just sought out female companionship after the trial, but I do believe he enjoyed hanging around the boys more. I just don't believe he was molesting them. It was very obvious over the years that Michael was not into women. If so, we would have known this for sure many yrs ago, not after his death when he's been in the public eye for decades and out of the mouths of some bodyguards who just met Michael only 3 yrs ago.
posted by linda on Mar 15, 2010
i didnt know a book was comming out, when is this gonna be and the title.
posted by linda on Mar 15, 2010
well done bodyguards for bringing out the truth about michael, it might show some narrow minded people who thought mj was guilty. HOW dare anyone think mj was guilty.i always knew mj liked women and always wished i was one of just happy knowing mj did have some fun. god bless you michael , i hope may be i will be with you in the next life. i LOVE you michael, always have and always will. rip. xxxxxxxx
posted by Jay on Mar 12, 2010
well...if this is true its good to hear that michael wasnt lonely through the years and he had to have some fun!! haha RIP MICHAEL "THE KING" JACKSON
posted by ZUZIEQUE on Mar 12, 2010
thank you MJ bodyguards for the positive news, I never thought for a minute that MJ was not attracted to women
posted by casey on Mar 11, 2010
So interesting listening to the bodyguards and look forward to the book..Perhaps they'll do more interviews soon I hope..Michael Jackson such a gorgeous beautiful man!!
posted by dianne on Mar 10, 2010
well good for you michael at least you had some enjoyment in your life that was private.can;t wait to read this book and hope its the truth,good for you guys coming forward
posted by dhi on Mar 10, 2010
WOW, those lucky women, i wish i could have been one of them! Mike the player lol
posted by DramaQueen on Mar 10, 2010
I could not have said it better myself, Ashley!
posted by MJ\'sDramaQueen on Mar 10, 2010
You said it Ashley!
posted by Xti on Mar 10, 2010
i always knew he did, he is a man of course.
posted by Ashley on Mar 10, 2010
OMG I wanna be in a back of a limo with michael Jackson!!! LOL Hot damn! I always figured he was the worlds greatest lover -being the worlds greatest dancer & obviously well endowed. I can't believe that mike jack had his own personal party bus! Hell yeah get it mike!!!

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