'Avatar': Chinese Writer Is Still Determined to Sue James Cameron for Copyright Case

Chinese writer, who claims James Cameron made 'Avatar' based on his novel, perseveres with his threats to sue the director although two courts have denied to submit the breach of copyright case.

A Chinese writer is persevering with his threats to sue James Cameron over allegations the director based his blockbuster "Avatar" on a 1997 novel, even though officials at two courts have refused to submit the breach of copyright case. Zhou Shaomou claims the plotlines in the sci-fi epic were lifted from his book, "Tale of the Blue Crows", which was published online.

He tells China Daily, "Eighty per cent of the plot and the key elements of 'Avatar' are similar to my 1997 science fiction novel 'Tale of the Blue Crows'." Shaomou has failed so far in his attempts to file a lawsuit in China, but the writer is persevering with his legal bid, and is seeking $155 million.

He adds, "I realize that no one knows me in China but I insist on fighting for my copyright. Over 10 million people have read my book over the internet. Nobody was supportive and many asked why someone as famous as Cameron would copy an obscure work from a little-known author."

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    Feb 23, 2011

    Vang, Open your eyes

    Mar 06, 2010

    plagiarism is not a direct copy of a work, no. I've had it happen to me twice, I just dont have the money to do anything about it. one television series was created on a concept of mine, and a movie is being made based on an idea I came up with for the owners of the property in question... I just cant do anything about it, and they know it. so this stuff does happen.

    Mar 06, 2010

    Why doesnt it surprise me that two chinese courts have refused to try his case? It's a copyright case... China is communist... anyone who uses those two refusals as cause for the case to be empty, are morons.

    Mar 05, 2010

    Why when someone create ,write or compose and suddenly it becomes a hit, there is ALWAYS someone that appears out of nowhere claiming plagiarism? It happened to Metal Gear Solid 4 Score. The MGS Theme became too popular, and now a russian is claiming plagiarism over his work. Plagiarism isn't similarities, is an exact copy of someone elses work claimed as you own! Wake up!

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