Robert De Niro Asks Aging Stars to Shun Cosmetic Surgery

March 05, 2010 06:02:04 GMT

Picking Meryl Streep as the example, the Capitan Shakespeare of 'Stardust' urges older stars to snub cosmetic surgery and accept their wrinkle as a natural thing of getting old.

Robert De Niro
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Robert De Niro has called on his contemporaries to accept the aging process - and commends Meryl Streep for shunning cosmetic surgery. The legendary "Taxi Driver" 's actor is famous for his rugged features, and insists he would never contemplate going under the knife to rid his face of wrinkles.

And he is urging older stars to follow Streep's lead - by refusing to resort to medical procedures to retain their youthful looks. He tells Britain's The Times magazine, "It's so transparent (surgery). If you're doing a younger part in a story, say 15, 20 years younger, the audience will accept that, and you can do it in a very real way."

"But to do it for yourself? I was reading something about Meryl Streep, and Meryl was describing how she doesn't do any of that stuff, and that's great. Getting old is a natural thing. And you'd better embrace it, 'cos you've got no choice".


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posted by SYDNEY on Dec 29, 2010
People should just stay fit & do facial exercises & maybe botox!
posted by jude on Dec 29, 2010
It's completely acceptable for a man to look rugged and have wrinkles. The same isn't true for women. Women who look their age tend to lose roles to younger actors. Did everyone see Entrapment?
posted by Dudemyer on Dec 29, 2010
I pay good money to go to the movies and I don't want to see ugly actors. They need to "invest" in their looks.
posted by getagrip on Dec 29, 2010
Incorrect reasoning, Adamzane. Wrinkles, gray age, menopause, etc. are not analagous to illnesses. Unfortunately, through our warped obsession with youth, we're being conditioned to think of aging as a disease to be gotten rid of.
posted by Erin on Dec 29, 2010
Well, then, I supposed having your hair colored and teeth whitened should be off limits,too? Embrace aging and say to heck with it all? Granted, Hollywood sometimes takes it to extremes, but I have friends who have had very subtle facelifts who look wonderful--they weren't obesses with their looks--just sick of those jowls. If I had the money, I would do it in a heartbeat. And personally, I believe Merle Streep has had a facelift. She has the wrinkles but no sagging.
posted by poison on Dec 29, 2010
Cosmetic surgery can make an 80 year old face look 40, but it does nothing for an 80 year old heart, or liver, etc...
posted by adamzane on Dec 29, 2010
So, using the same reasoning, if you get sick, you don't take any medicine and/or avail yourself of the latest in medical technology; instead, you just let nature take its course and have its way with you. (Not!)
posted by Gritz on Dec 29, 2010
Yes, America. The land that celebrates old age. Give me a break.
posted by Polaris 359 on Dec 29, 2010
I see that Suzanne Summers accepts this advice.
posted by Yajari on Dec 29, 2010
If one does not accept aging, one cannot live peacefuly . It is also like not acccepting death...Thanks God for both.

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