Christian Bale Not Speaking to Family Since 2008 Assault Case

Christian Bale

'The Dark Knight' actor's sister regrets she called police to intervene the incident which caused him not speaking to his family since then, but she was angry about Christian's erratic behavior.

Christian Bale has left his mother "heartbroken" after refusing to speak to his family since he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting her in 2008, according to the "Batman" star's sister. The 36-year-old was taken into custody by cops in July 2008 for allegedly assaulting his mother, Jenny, and sister, Sharon, at London's Dorchester Hotel before the British premiere of "The Dark Knight". He denied the charges and police later dropped the case.

Now 42-year-old Sharon admits she regrets calling cops to intervene in the incident - but was angry about Christian's erratic behavior after he lost his temper in front of her young children. She tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I had an argument with him because he was totally out of order in front of my children. I'd had enough of the violent temper. There was a reason I called the police. It was his behavior. It flared up into a ridiculous thing and he has not spoken to us since. I regret going to the police. We don't speak any more. It's totally his decision and it makes us all very sad. My mother is heartbroken that he doesn't talk to us."

Mum-of-three Sharon filed for bankruptcy in Bournemouth, England on Tuesday, March 2, but refuses to turn to her movie star sibling to ask for financial help. She says, "Christian doesn't know about the bankruptcy. I wouldn't expect him to help. I started my own property investment company and made some mistakes. As hard as I work, I can't pay off my credit card debts. I hope my family will be able to stay in our home but I won't know until the bankruptcy order is officially filed."




    Kit Kat
    Feb 07, 2011

    Well, the sister got herself into a financial mess...but calling the cops.. that's just spiteful and mean knowing what the bad publicity would bring. Some older sis she that, who need enemies..

    Mar 03, 2010

    First of all it was clearly nothing otherwise the police would have pressed charges, not only that but The Sun (The Scum) is the only paper that will print this story, this says so much about what she's saying, they have been sued countlesstimes for printing lies. Sounds to me like his family are trying to cash in on his privacy which he values so much.

    real time with me
    Mar 03, 2010

    Christian has a reputaion for being a "hothead", so I don't blame his family for not wanting contact. he needs to learn to control himself.

    rebecca lee
    Mar 03, 2010

    Well, what the heck does his family expect? He's a mega star in Hollywood! Did they not think about what kinda damage that might do to his career or reputation? I've gotten in many a spat with family, but never called the cops. I wasn't there, so I can't even begin to speculate; but I really hope they get it all resolved and forgiveness takes place. I know it will take a lot of discipline on CB's part to forgive them; but I hope he can someday. Of course, apologies are in order; I'm guessing from both sides!

    Mar 03, 2010

    how the hell

    Fed up!
    Mar 03, 2010

    I meant *any* not a class ;) Anyways,seems like when it comes down to it, it's all about mo money, mo money, mo money!To call the cops in the 1st place was pathetic and she knows it!

    Fed up!
    Mar 03, 2010

    If the sister had a class she would say no comment to any questions asked by the media! This is a non story, not news worthy, and no ones business! I respect mr. Bale for always staying private-over 20 years in the biz!!

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