Leonardo DiCaprio Considering to Reduce Jobs in 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio

Admitting his last few films have left him physically and emotionally drained, the 'Titanic' actor wants to slow down his acting career this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio is devoting 2010 to looking after himself - after recent movie projects left him physically and emotionally drained. The actor is cutting back on his workload after filming serious movies "Shutter Island" and upcoming sci-fi thriller "Inception" took its toll on his wellbeing.

And DiCaprio - who has worked consistently since he was 17 - insists he's excited by the prospect of an empty schedule. He says, "These last couple of films have taken a lot out of me so I don't know what I'm going to do next. I have no idea and it's kind of a cool place to be."

He then added, "This year is going to be the year of really taking care of myself because I've reached 35 and I've taken a lot of things seriously, maybe too seriously at times, so I'm going to make sure that whatever I do next and whatever choices (I make) are really right for me. And we'll see where that takes me."

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    janell jimenez
    Feb 16, 2010

    i wanted to knw if you have a girl friend or are sinle . or married i wanted to know when yor in calgary next time . we can do somethimg , i think you hot and cut , i'm on facebook ,

    david lovern
    Feb 15, 2010

    since leo is cutting back on his work load for 2010, it should be possible to arrange an introduction and discuss future business prospects. i will be moving and living in LA at the start of the summer

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