Annie Lennox Opposes Plan to Build Union Terrace Gardens

February 09, 2010 09:44:33 GMT

Insisting that the public park is a historical heart of Aberdeen, Annie Lennox calls the plan to modernize the spot a 'vandalism' and urges people to halt it.

Annie Lennox
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Annie Lennox is urging locals in her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland to protest against plans to turn a park into a civic square. The former Eurythmics singer is asking Scottish citizens to back a campaign to halt plans to convert Union Terrace Gardens into a modernized city center.

In a post on her MySpace blog, Lennox writes, "For me, Union Terrace Gardens was, and still is the green historical heart of the city. Like so many towns and cities all over the country, Aberdeen lost a great deal of its architectural heritage and charm through destruction by bulldozer and concrete."

"It made me sad then, and it still makes me sad. I hoped that this kind of 'vandalism' had peaked in the 60s and 70s, but for Aberdeen, it seems to be back with vengeance. What idiocy and madness. Aberdeen is your home town. Are you going to sit back, and do nothing while its beautiful historic center gets ripped out and concreted over? It's down to you to stop this happening."

A chairman for the Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future (ACSEF) insists the area will combine greenery with modern buildings. Tom Smith says, "ACSEF has repeatedly stated that the City Square project aims to create a new civic space and gardens with an iconic arts center as its centerpiece."

"The claims by objectors that it will be a flat, concrete square... are as misleading as their statement that it will be full of shops and car-parking. We will be happy to show Ms Lennox our proposals so she has these facts."


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posted by morab1@hotmail.co.uk on Feb 01, 2011
just what we need woodie. more concrete,less of thon green stuff. you and donald should listen to the locals. we know what we want.
posted by Saltire on Feb 18, 2010
Unfortunately, if you have been near this place over the last few years, it has become more or less a no go area. Why keep this place for a few hours use every summer, when it could be used so much more all year round...??

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