Miley Cyrus' Little Sister Not Creating Lingerie for Kids

February 08, 2010 08:18:01 GMT

'Noah Cyrus is in no way involved,' a spokeswoman for Ooh! La, La! Couture comments about rumor suggesting Noah Lindsey Cyrus is designing an inappropriate lingerie line for kids.

Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus
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Bosses for a top kids clothing line have dismissed reports suggesting Miley Cyrus' little sister is designing an inappropriate lingerie line for them. Internet gossips claimed 10-year-old actress Noah Lindsey Cyrus was creating an underwear line for chain Ooh! La, La! Couture, but the company's marketing men insist the story is not even close to the truth.

A spokeswoman tells that Cyrus isn't designing anything for them - and they'd never try to sell lingerie to kids. She says, "We've been a reputable, upscale children's clothing brand since 2004. (Everything we sell is) age-appropriate."

"Ooh! La, La! Couture does not make or promote a lingerie line and never will... We only make clothes that are right for little girls and their families, and can be worn to birthday parties, ballet classes or playdates."

Bosses are convinced the mix up came about because Cyrus' best friend, Disney actress Emily Grace Reaves, has created a line for them - but "Noah Cyrus is in no way involved."


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posted by SMART GIRL on Aug 29, 2010
posted by hi_bye_guy on Jul 23, 2010
Slanderous, puritanical, illiterate, fascist, nitpicking nitwits. Wear whatever you like girls!...Just don't pluck your eyebrows : )
posted by miley cyrus on May 22, 2010
you guys r so rude were are not sluts were just a nice family
posted by jk on Mar 02, 2010
miley and all of miley's sisters are sluts n whores.all the guys in miley's family are drug addicts and rapists,including miley herself.
posted by robby on Mar 02, 2010
wow! lingerie for 10 year olds! now,this is sick!how much money is billy ray cyrus paying so that noah gets the offers????
posted by James on Feb 28, 2010
Ive seen the clothing line and its hot,i love the pink swimwear
posted by P-Diddles on Feb 18, 2010
It's amazing how this story turned into such a mess. People should do their own research before making a judgement, rather than trusting celebrity rumors and buzz. The clothing line in question is adorable.

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