Ozzy Osbourne Struggles With Short Term Memory

Ozzy Osbourne

After a fatal accident in 2003, the rocker has difficulty remembering what happens one day before but has clear memory of a 1975 event.

Ozzy Osbourne struggles to remember everyday occurrences - but still recalls 35-year old telephone numbers. The Black Sabbath star has been plagued with memory difficulties since his 2003 quad-bike accident in England.

But his inability to recall recent events is becoming embarrassing for the rocker. He says, "My short-term memory is zero. I remember my ex-wife's mother's phone number from 1975 but I can't remember what I did last night. When I see people I can say: 'Hi, have we met?' And they'll tell me I saw them the day before. It's going to be embarrassing."

The rocker was rushed into emergency room after his all-terrain vehicle crashed. He suffered from broken collar bone, ribs, and neck vertebra. His wife Sharon Osbourne revealed that Ozzy had stopped breathing following the crash and was resuscitated by his then personal bodyguard, Sam Ruston.

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    Dec 06, 2012

    I am wondering the same thing. I Like Ozzy's music and Black Sabbaths stuff ..that being said. I think many entertainers envoke spirits to perform. EVIL. He says he's an athiest ..but Demons use athiests .. and its clear hes supported the dark side.

    Feb 05, 2010

    How can Ozzy remember lyrics to Black sabbath and Ozzy songs?

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