Jennifer Aniston Discloses Her Newly Renovated Home

February 04, 2010 03:17:59 GMT

The Rachel Green of 'Friends' has shown off her Beverly house which has been renovated, revealing that she has changed her bathroom into a female-friendly environment.

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston has given fans a glimpse into her life as a Hollywood superstar by showing off her newly-renovated Beverly Hills home in a magazine spread. The actress recently finished a two-year restoration project and has been busy putting the finishing touches on her luxury house in Los Angeles.

Aniston agreed to put her decorating skills into print in the new issue of Architectural Digest, which includes pictures of her bedroom and the 24-seater dining room. The former "Friends" star also reveals how she changed the his-and-hers bathroom to a female-friendly environment - by knocking out the second sink and installing a spa bath instead.

Aniston tells the magazine, "(The decor) is like a big hug. (The house) vibrates with the love that created it. I entertain for a living, and I entertain. The house has a rather glamorous, old-fashioned Hollywood quality. I can just imagine the Rat Pack stopping by; someone is playing the piano, and people are laughing in the next room."


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posted by vince on Feb 07, 2010
She 5"1? Too short .
posted by KELVIN on Feb 07, 2010
Jen copy Jolie everything but still look ugly. Move on Jen, You can't bit Jolie. No way.I mean you ugly and talentless
posted by jen on Feb 07, 2010
posted by Leo on Feb 07, 2010
What's with all the bashing? Why can't she do something that will make her feel good about herself? I don't get why people are mad at Jen instead of Brad. It was obvious what happened. And Jen is not talented? Then you certainly didn't watch Friends. I love Angie too but let's not take sides and resort to insults. And Jen's style is one of the things she's best known for by the way, she has the best hair and the best tan, so it's not natural, what's the big deal? And what about Angie? Can you honestly tell me that she hasn't done anything to herself? No, you can't.
posted by ben on Feb 07, 2010
This women is plastic. fix from head to toes. Fake blonde, fake blue eyes, fake tan. But still not look beautiful.
posted by floretta50 on Feb 06, 2010
Mirror,Mirror on the wallwo is the fairest of them all Angelina Jolie, Jenifer Aniston, she has your man,his kids, an oscar she's more beautiful,more talented actress, humanitarian for God's sake quit competing and get a life!
posted by fairytale on Feb 03, 2010
Still trying to get brad back

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