Jay-Z: Usher Is in Line to Become the Next King of Pop

February 02, 2010 10:07:56 GMT

After watching Usher's performance in a tribute to Michael Jackson at 2010 Grammy Awards, Jay-Z believes that the 'My Boo' singer is about to become a new King of Pop.

Jay-Z: Usher Is in Line to Become the Next King of Pop
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Jay-Z was so impressed with Usher's tribute to Michael Jackson at Sunday night's, January 31 Grammy Awards, he's tipped the R&B star to become the new King of Pop. The "Yeah!" hitmaker joined Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson and Carrie Underwood to perform Jackson's "Earth Song" at the annual awards ceremony.

The "99 Problems" star was watching from the audience at Los Angeles' Staples Center - and he predicts a groundbreaking future for Usher. He tells Access Hollywood, "I thought the Michael Jackson tribute was fantastic and I thought Usher was doing a magnificent job."

"I think he's; He's one of the guys that's in line to, you know, fill those huge shoes. I don't wanna put that pressure on him, but I think he's one of the guys that's in line to do that."


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posted by rhekd on Nov 05, 2010
What he means is that he can use usher for his satanic works All because usher is one of the stars who has alot of fans and influence
posted by luvpeace on May 15, 2010
Usher, dont be too sure bout being the next KING OF POP, because that title was given to a very speical man that deserved it more than you. No one can repplace Michael then he himself. he is the best when it comes to pop, but dont get meh wrong, u r an excellent singer but not ready to be the king of pop.
posted by Pamela Neliman on May 03, 2010
no offence usher but Micheal Jackson will always be king of pop in my heart. even if you did get it. and as for jay-Z i don't think you will get it because you can't dance sorry... neways usher i hope you get it...
posted by kidbrown on Mar 09, 2010
l don't think usher is ready to become the king of pop. Michael jackson was the king because he made history, and he was in show biz for a long time, like really a long time. I do believe there can be another king of pop, but it's going to be extreamly hard.
posted by Natrod25 on Feb 02, 2010
Jay... wtf you smoking?!?!? I like Usher but King of Pop? GTFO of here. Michael Jackson will ALWAYS be the King of Pop!
posted by Parker on Feb 02, 2010
...besides, Usher just did alright in Sunday's night tribute. Nothing ground breaking. JZ doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. I think there might be some jealously going on.
posted by Parker on Feb 02, 2010
I like Usher but King of Pop? I don't think so. James Brown will always be known as the King of Soul. Aretha Franklin The Queen of Soul, Elvis the King of Rock and Michael Jackson the King of Pop! You can't pass the title on unless they are worthy. Usher's not there. Sorry.
posted by FSP on Feb 02, 2010
posted by gpp on Feb 02, 2010
You gotta be kiding me right? There will never be another MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by klk on Feb 02, 2010
I love Usher but NOBODY can be Michael Jackson!!!!!!
posted by djddnm on Feb 02, 2010
in your sweet dreams big lip
posted by shell517nj on Feb 02, 2010
Ushers performance at the tribute wasn't all that. Anyway, what do i think?..I'm lmao...there will only ever be one King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The title "King of Pop" is forever taken. Usher will have to come up with his own title.
posted by focus on Feb 02, 2010
he isnt saying that usher will BE the next king of pop. he's saying that usher has the talent and caliber to continue where mike left off. no one will ever take michael jackson's spot as the king of pop. nobody will ever be able to do what mike has done..whether as a artist or humanitarian. mike healed people. usher cant heal anything but his dick. but at least he sings and looks damn well doing it. and if he throwing usher in there.. he needs to put chris brown up there as well. that is if he can ever get over this blemish. because no matter what you say about chris brown.. his talent is undeniable.

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