Michael Jackson's Dad Files Legal Paper to Get Medical Records

January 30, 2010 07:56:57 GMT

Following his son's death in June 2009, Joe Jackson claims he wants to investigate the death by filing paper in Los Angeles to urge the release of Michael's medical records.

Michael Jackson's Dad Files Legal Paper to Get Medical Records
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Michael Jackson's father wants to investigate the death of his son and has filed papers in Los Angeles demanding the release of medical records. Joe Jackson is convinced the UCLA Medical Center documents will help him determine once and for all if anyone was to blame for the King of Pop's death in June 2009 - and how much he should sue them for.

Family members, including Joe, have accused the singer's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, of the wrongful death of the star, but police have yet to charge the medic with any wrongdoing - and he has maintained he's innocent.

Joe Jackson's lawyer filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, January 29, in which he claims, "The UCLA records will permit (Joe) to determine with medical experts and then present to this court, how much support (he) needs to pay for the prosecution of his wrongful death action against those responsible for his son's death." Michael was pronounced dead on arrival at the medical center.


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posted by dagnabit on Jan 31, 2010
Too Late Big Deddy Joe! You should have been there for your son when you knew he was having sleeping issues & had gotten him sleep therapy, or valerian root tea...instead ya'll stood back & watched drugs eat up your "only" true talented cash cow for the family, and now you're singing the woe wiz me's because it's gone, gone, gone so you now have to try other tacky attempts to profit off of his drug related death. I won't ever contribute a dime for you.

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