Buju Banton Protested by LGBT Activists

Buju Banton

Homosexual rights activists march to campaign for the bosses of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards as Buju Banton is nominated for one category, insisting he promotes violence to homosexuals in his music.

Gay rights activists are campaigning for Grammy bosses to denounce jailed reggae singer Buju Banton - insisting he has "promoted the murder of gay people throughout his career". The 36 year old is nominated in the category for Best Reggae Album for "Rasta Got Soul" at Sunday's, January 31, ceremony - but will miss the Hollywood event following his drug bust in Florida in December 2009.

But Banton's absence from the biggest night in the music industry hasn't stopped gay rights campaigners from taking aim at the embattled star and his lyrics in controversial songs like 1988's "Boom Bye Bye", which promotes the murder of homosexuals. Members at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center took out a full page ad in trade paper Daily Variety on Friday, January 29, urging organizers of the televised ceremony to denounce music "that promotes or celebrates violence against any group of people".

In the advert, which appears in the form of a letter signed by more than 20 gay, civil rights and anti-violence groups, they claim that honoring "an artist such as Buju Banton honors his extraordinary hateful work". Banton is not the first artist to have faced protests from gay rights groups at the Grammy Awards. In 2001, rapper Eminem was the activists' prime target.

The reggae singer is currently being held behind bars in Tampa, Florida as he awaits a March 2010 trial to fight a charge of conspiring to buy more than five kilograms of cocaine from an undercover officer in Sarasota in December 2009. He has pleaded not guilty to the allegations.

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    Nov 02, 2010

    The person who makes that about jamaican niggers are shit it really takes one to know one. You are a prejudice asshole.

    Jul 28, 2010

    is actually silly to have gays even talking, no animal ever behaved like them so i wonder what they usually feel that use to push them to that on-holy act.. my religion is against it and as a person am against it....i hate it with passion...i always pity the people involve i think the need some help...

    Jun 09, 2010

    Free Buju Banton

    not in our cabinet
    Jun 01, 2010

    in every thing,every where ppl always wants to jamaicans down.y is when he won the grammy they started lashing out against him. bum bye inna batty bwoy head dat we say!how u must rub up with ur same sex. god didnt make adam and bryan! so the gays out their check ur self and repent

    Mar 24, 2010

    Greetings, First and Foremost I thought America was a country of Freedom of Speech. Second Buju B is not the only artist that sings against gays. Lil Wayne did a song with Sizzla that knocked out against the gays. Why aren't they fighting him. The only reason I believe they fight Buju is because he is from a 3rd world beautiful country he has a good following and he was rated to be the next Bob Marley. SO LETS FREE UP GARGAMEL.

    Feb 03, 2010

    The Bible is a manipuled book. Only stupid people believe Jehovah exists. Jehovah is as evil as a Lucifer. He is a demonic god ! Jamaican niggers are like shit!

    Feb 03, 2010

    I view Sodomites in the same vain as I view Satan and that is demonic. As Satan is a master of lies so are Sodomites. Although they are what they are, henceforth, I will use the politically correct term, Gays for Sodomites, in order to present my valid points. In their vindicative over 20-year crusade against Buju Banton, Gays have told numerous lies against this artist, in order to incite their community to mount their attacks on him. For example, "Batty Rider" is another of Buju's songs that Gays have claimed is homophobic. However, this is a bold-faced lie, as the song describes the sexy feelings the DJ has when he sees the dancehall ladies in their short shorts called batty riders in Jamaica. The article of clothing is the same as the 'coochie cutters' in the USA. But, despite the fact that the song has nothing to with LGBT people, they have ran with their lie. I urge the fans of Buju Banton to be vigilant and speak up on his behalf so that his career is not destroyed any further and possibly his life taken away from him behind bars.

    Feb 01, 2010

    Being homosexual has to be a mental illness. Have you ever seen a gay dog, or any other type of animal. They have more sense. The bible speaks against it in several verses. It is morally wrong and is sickening. Them and the rest of the 10% that want to push there beliefs on the other 90% are destroying this country.

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