Kristen Bell 'Hates' Her Elin Nordegren Look Alike

January 30, 2010 03:31:54 GMT

Following Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's marital woes, Kristen Bell has been frequently stopped by the publics who confuse her with the golf player's spouse.

Kristen Bell 'Hates' Her Elin Nordegren Look Alike
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Actress Kristen Bell has an embarrassing celebrity look-a-like - she is constantly mistaken for Tiger Woods' beleaguered wife Elin Nordegren. The famous couple's relationship has been under the spotlight since last year after a number of women came forward to allege they had affairs with the sportsman.

And since the news hit the headlines, the blond actress admits she's been stopped by members of the public who confuse her with the shamed golf star's Swedish spouse. Bell tells OK! magazine, "(The last time I was mistaken for Elin Nordegren was) yesterday. No, I am not Tiger Woods' wife, but, yes, he is in trouble."

That is not the only unfortunate event experienced by Kristen Bell. Recently, Bell burned her leg in a scooter accident during the filming of "When in Rome" and got her ear stung by bee on New Year's eve. Currently, she is "suffering" as the dog she has adopted our of Hurricane Katrina lives longer than she expected, dragging her into several problems such as its hygiene and decreasing health.


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posted by sas on Jan 31, 2010
sounds like a bitch. she only wishes she looked like elin.
posted by joma on Jan 30, 2010
this woman is nowhere as half as stunning as elin woods. what's her problem? is she looking for attention by making these claims?
posted by No connection on Jan 30, 2010
Sorry, Kristen is no where as beautiful as Elin is, not even close !!! There's no no a like that I see here
posted by Buna on Jan 30, 2010

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