Radiohead Almost Split When Finishing 'In Rainbows'

January 23, 2010 06:02:33 GMT

The long recording process of Radiohead's seventh album had baffled the members of the band with question whether they continue as a group or choose to go separate ways.

Radiohead Almost Split When Finishing 'In Rainbows'
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British rockers Radiohead nearly parted ways during the recording of their hit 2007 album "In Rainbows" - because the lengthy studio sessions dragged on for several years. The band began working on tracks for the groundbreaking record in 2005 before it was eventually released online using a 'pay-what-you-like' system in late 2007.

And guitarist Ed O'Brien admits the album process was so long and tedious, they weren't sure whether they would continue as a group. He tells Midem, "The recording of the album took three years. Which is a long time by anybody's standards. It pretty much half killed us. Whether the band would continue was very much in the balance."

But the musician is convinced the decision to release the album using such an unconventional sales technique saved them from a split. He adds, "It was empowering. You can't put it into a balance sheet, this feeling of empowerment. It completely rejuvenated us as a band. It got the creative juices flowing. You can't put a price on that. That's the stuff that keeps you going."


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posted by tinyanko on Jan 24, 2010
Three years is a long time to spend on a one off project who's final track is only an hour or so. But it's the fanatical sense of detail and true to ideal ethic that put out a fantastic album like In Rainbows. And the release method showed a lot of faith in the fans, the band and the work - and it succeeded for all. Radiohead is one truely great band.
posted by hooha on Jan 24, 2010
three years.. and big deal. Three years is not along time to anyone older than 23. This is even moreso when you don't even have to worry about the bills or daily schedules due to day jobs. Three whole years -- I'm surprised the media didn't try to play it up as a "comeback album" or "reunion".
posted by merdoc on Jan 24, 2010
didn't realize two years was the same as "several" nonetheless amazing band, i'd put in rainbows up there with hail to thief and ok computer
posted by mrbizzlx on Jan 24, 2010
Truly amazing and inspiring to a fan. Radiohead, to me, is the greatest band alive.

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