Chloe Sevigny Still Bitter About Ripped Dress

January 19, 2010 09:55:15 GMT

She felt amazing when winning the Best Supporting Actress award at Golden Globe but left devastated when the usher stepped on her gown.

Chloe Sevigny
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Actress Chloe Sevigny was devastated when an usher stood on her designer dress and ripped it at Sunday, January 17 Golden Globes - because until that moment she had felt elated at her first-ever award win.

The blonde star was handed the Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series honor for her role as a fundamentalist Mormon wife in U.S. show "Big Love", and picked out a one-off Valentino number for the glitzy event in Los Angeles. She was left devastated when the usher who directed her to the podium caught her dress as he walked away.

But Sevigny is adamant it didn't ruin her night - and she is planning a boozy party to celebrate the win once she gets back to her adopted hometown of New York. She tells, "(The dress) just spoke to me. (I felt) amazing. Unfortunately, the gentleman who escorted me up to the stage when I won this grand award stepped on it as he was walking away and tore it. So now it is slightly more tattered even after the rain. I love the gown."

"I'll probably celebrate with my girlfriends when I go back home to New York. They'll all come over and drink champagne, and we'll have a dance party."


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posted by EE on Jan 21, 2010
I am on team Joe. She needs to get over such trivialities. Oh my god, designer dress! Given, I would be more than a little upset, but I am not Chloe Sevigny. I do not recieve the comfortable paychecks she does in order to be able to the dress that "spoke to" her. The escort probably feels like shit enough without her going off about it infront of national tv
posted by smarter than you on Jan 19, 2010
KK, you obviously didn't read the article...she's not that pissed at all...but if you had a designer gown ruined you'd be upset too... idiot.
posted by KK on Jan 19, 2010
What an ungrateful bitch. She needs to get over herself. It's a dress! It can be replaced. With everything going on in the world, it says volumes about her that she was so pissed about a dress. She's a joke.
posted by whocares on Jan 19, 2010
I'm sorry, but aren't there more important things in life than Chloe's dress? Makes me kind of sick, really.
posted by Leslie on Jan 19, 2010
The usher's name is Joe Everett Michaels.

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