Monica Bellucci Pregnant With Her Second Child

January 18, 2010 09:01:29 GMT

Monica Bellucci and her husband Vincent Cassel are waiting for their second child's birth as Bellucci is having approximately three months for her gestation.

Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel
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Photo credit: Daniel Deme/WENN

European arthouse movie couple Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are expecting their second child in spring 2010. The Italian actress first became a mum five years ago when daughter Deva was born.

A family friend tells People that the star is due with her second child at the end of spring. In addition, a source says that she is approximately three months along in her pregnancy.

The 45-year-old former model and "Ocean's Thirteen" star Cassel have been married since 1999 after the two met while filming movie "L'appartement" in 1996. Three years after tying the knot, they made onscreen reunion in film "Irreversible".

Recently, Monica Bellucci's big screen project "Baaria" was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at 2010 Golden Globe Awards, but "The White Ribbon" from Germany beat it successfully. Bellucci also plays in the upcoming flick, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with Nicolas Cage.


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posted by lenora on Jul 01, 2010
The most beautiful women in world!Sofia Lauren?No,no?Monica is the best!
posted by Ibtehaj Ali Shahid on Apr 17, 2010
Wow, so many haters and challengers? And please, being westerners, you are objecting to her being nude, not wearing clothes? Maybe you guys should (instead) wear the veils and burqas that Muslim women are forced to wear! It's her choice that she's being naked, not yours. Respect others perspectives in life, and I am a personal example of the fact as to how people can hate you merely for being beautiful, good looking. People just get threatened by that. And as for her being no Sophia Loren and this and that, everyone has their own position, their own place on the ladder of fate. Not everyone is as lucky as Loren and the others.
posted by dana irani on Mar 07, 2010
posted by Genius on Mar 01, 2010
Finally some sensible comments on this page! I am tired of these actresses immune to criticism just because men find them attractive and they pose nude, they have to face the truth: No one remotely intelligent cares about their egocentric, sleazy lives, especially when they cannot act!
posted by John on Mar 01, 2010
Please keep your clothes on, Monica! You are not God's gift to Men! You are no Bo Derek, Loren, or Bardot! Please!
posted by Wesley on Jan 19, 2010
Not exactly a good role model for women out there! I was disturbed when I saw the film directed by her husband in which she gets sexually assaulted in a Paris Metro and is wearing a transparent negligee!!! Which women wears a negligee in the metro? Was she trying to be provactive? This could be insulting to victims of a sexual assault!
posted by Julien on Jan 19, 2010
She is no Sophia Loren. This actress is not productive and does not have the same appeal as Italian actresses from the 60s, 70s.
posted by Gabriel on Jan 19, 2010
This lady has no talent, she is the worst actress ever! Dont like the fact that she is so flashy and choses roles that are not challenging: for example, she always choses roles that she plays the objectified diva. Always the same thing!
posted by no on Jan 18, 2010
Congradulations! :)

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