M.I.A. Gets Mad Over Article Glorifying Sri Lanka

January 15, 2010 09:28:24 GMT

The singer is extremely upset after Times newspaper cited her homeland Sri Lanka as the top holiday destination, countering the publication with stark images of the country.

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Hitmaker M.I.A. has blasted the New York Times over an article about Sri Lanka. The "Paper Planes" star has posted the video for Space Odyssey on her site as an angry response to a Times story, which listed Sri Lanka as the top holiday destination for Americans in 2010.

M.I.A., whose family hails from the war-torn country, countered the newspaper's photographs of "scenic" Sri Lanka with stark images of the country's civil war between the Tamil and the Sinhalese government. The singer-songwriter's publicist tells Fader magazine, "The song and video were made Monday night for $100, after the New York Times - as she (M.I.A.) says 'f**ked up so hard'."

M.I.A. is known after she shared her singles "Galang" and "Sunshowers" on internet in 2002. She later released her first album "Arular" on March 22, 2005 and second record "Kala" on August 8, 2007. Later, she is about to release her third album "Mission.Impossible.Area" in summer 2010.


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posted by Alison F. on Apr 08, 2010
M.I.A. i'm sorry that you & your terrorist friends didnt get your way.
posted by Colombus on Jan 17, 2010
How much of your earnings were spent financing terrorism MIA? Those who buy your albums are still paying for your propaganda war against Sri Lanka. The war is over. You and the rest of the terrorists lost. Get over it.
posted by Marcus on Jan 17, 2010
Her father is a terrorist complicit in the murders of thousands of innocent civilians. Like father, like daughter.
posted by UPul on Jan 15, 2010
NY Times disgraced itself by publishing a freelancer influenced by a brutal regime
posted by Emily Hunter on Jan 15, 2010
Thanks MIA for your new album. and bringing the graphic pictures which Sri Lanka has been trying to hide from Outsise World.
posted by Birchmount on Jan 15, 2010
NYT will promote tourism in countries Burma, Sudan, Libya if get paid.
posted by Victim on Jan 15, 2010
correction. UN sais 7000 were killed since April 2009. According to The Times, and Le Monde France news papers after they anaylised the videos and other evidences, Sri Lankan army used heavy weapons and killed more than 20,000 tamil civilians in May 2009. Alone. Sri Lankan Budhist chauvinist governments have been killing Tamils since 1948.200,000 Tamils have been killed so far by the State of Sri Lanka. after 30 years of non-violence protests, Tamil boys were forced to take arms to protecct Tamil civilians from the terror state of Sri Lanka and its army which has 100% Sinhalese only no Tamils in the army. The international community and Sri LANKA blamed them as terrorists after 9/11 and fooled the world. Until, now Sri lanka is fooling the world and oppressing and supressing the minority Tamils in the island. MIA is right. sRI Lanka should be islolated and boycotted by the international community. We should not buy Sri Lankan products and not encourage tourism in Sri Lanka until it treat Tamils as equal citizens of the country.
posted by Victim on Jan 15, 2010
Only a victim can understand the pain which she/he went through under the state terrorism of Sri Lanka. S L govt kiled innocent tamil civilians 50,000 in 2009 alone. According to UN 7000 upto May 2009, UN did not disclose the real figuge since then. UN officials are corrupt and let by certain countries only
posted by expatriate on Jan 15, 2010
A singing terrosist
posted by Kay on Jan 15, 2010
Well ofcourse she would slam an article promoting Sri Lanka. She's pro-LTTE.If M.I.A and her ilk had their way, we would still be fighting a sensless war.

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