Rihanna Claims 'Insecurity' Covered Relationship With Chris Brown

January 15, 2010 04:32:28 GMT

Rihanna has understood that 'insecurity' she dealt with while having relationship with Chris Brown is a sign that he might turn abusive.

Rihanna Claims 'Insecurity' Covered Relationship With Chris Brown
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Rihanna has opened up about her doomed relationship with Chris Brown - admitting "control issues" took a "big toll" on her emotions. The couple split in 2009 after Brown viciously attacked her in a car after a pre-Grammy Awards party in Los Angeles in February 2009.

Brown later insisted he was "shocked" by his violent behavior because he was "never that kind of person" - but "Umbrella" hitmaker Rihanna has now hinted there were signs the couple's relationship could descend into abuse. She tells W magazine, "There were control issues, insecurity. When people are insecure they become very controlling and they can get very aggressive and in turn abusive. It doesn't have to be physical."

"Like they would say bad stuff to you to make you feel lesser than them just so they would have control in the relationship. It takes a big toll on your emotions and on your everyday life. It changes you."


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posted by amy on Feb 20, 2010
How culd he be the insecure one.when she's the one that got crazy.when a girl texted him?ha! I think she was speaking for both of them.not only him.cos her ass was definitely insecure & controlling.
posted by Jemma on Jan 19, 2010
Wait a minute? Did she say "to make you feel lesser than them? People, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
posted by Jemma on Jan 19, 2010
How is he insecure when the entire fight started because a girl texted him and she snatched the phone to see it? Sounds like she's the insecure one.
posted by Alexis on Jan 16, 2010
U need to move on
posted by MaleDVSurvivor on Jan 16, 2010
This article blames Brown for Rihanna's "insecurity." Rihanna was the jealous woman. Rihanna wanted to control Brown. If you remember, Brown was trying to break it off from Rihanna before the violence happened. SHE was jealous and decided she could not trust him, then attacked him physically. That's abuse in anybody's book. Not excusing Brown's behavior, but Rihanna needs the counseling for attacking Brown.
posted by Prince on Jan 15, 2010
rihanna is so much fvckn obssd wit chris,wat da fvck d u thnk chris fel,plz leav chris alon coz dat boy is rockn dis planet.u wnt 2 mak money so chris als d.rihanna jst mov da fvck on
posted by jasmine on Jan 15, 2010
OMG she needs please stop still going on about something that happend a year ago...she is just trying make people feel sorry for her and make chris brown look bad all so she can make money...i use to feel sorry for her but not anymore...i wish she would also, like chris brown, just try to move on with her life AND JUST CONCENTRATED ON MAKING GREAT MUSIC LIKE CHRIS BROWN IS DOING!
posted by doll on Jan 15, 2010
She does have a piont. chris brown is an very insecure man. you just can not hit a woman express your anger and then later on you say that youre sorry. It doesnt make any sense. And i dont even like rihanna. Hope both learned their lesson.

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