Shakira and Oprah Winfrey Plead for Haitian Earthquake Victims Support

January 15, 2010 03:41:15 GMT

Shakira and Oprah Winfrey has joined forces to help Haitian Earthquake Victims, along with other stars such as Chris Martin, Ben Stiller and Jessica Alba who have urged people to give Haitian support.

Shakira and Oprah Winfrey Plead for Haitian Earthquake Victims Support
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Shakira, Oprah Winfrey and Chris Martin are the latest celebrities to plead for help in raising funds for the Haitian earthquake relief effort. The stars have joined Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Wyclef Jean in calling for people to lend their support to those left homeless after the disaster, which rocked the poverty-stricken island nation on Tuesday, January 12.

Shakira has posted a message on her personal website asking everyone to donate cash to Jean's Yele charity organization, while other stars including Mark Hoppus, Yoko Ono, singer Joey Mcintyre, and Kim Kardashian have all taken to their pages to raise awareness of the tragedy.

Jean's campaign has proved so popular, the website crashed as a result of the number of donations being made every minute. A spokesperson revealed the organization is working on improving the site to allow for more donations.

Meanwhile, Winfrey opened her talk show on Wednesday, January 13 calling for viewers to donate to the Red Cross, saying, "This is a time where we, as a global nation, should come together and support those who are in need."

And Coldplay's Martin is pressing for donations to Oxfam's Haiti appeal: "I visited Haiti with Oxfam a few years ago. It's a country of extreme poverty and brutal living conditions. Most people in Port-au-Prince live in tin shacks. The earthquake that has struck Haiti will have turned the city into an unimaginable hell."

Hollywood supercouple Pitt and Jolie have also extended their efforts by donating $1 million to help Doctors Without Borders in the earthquake-ravaged zone. In a statement, Jolie says, "It is incredibly horrible to see a catastrophe of this size hit a people who have been suffering from extreme poverty, violence and unrest for so many decades."

Pitt adds, "We understand the first response is critical to serve the immediate needs of countless people who are now displaced from their homes, are suffering trauma, and most require urgent care."


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posted by SECRETS on Mar 08, 2012
One Day At A Time Help me believe in what I could be and all that I am. Show me the stairway I have to climb. Lord, for my sake, teach me to take One Day At A Time "You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid" HAVE, LOVE, HOPE, AND FATH
posted by Annimie on Jan 09, 2011
The whole race war between black and whites is pointless to me. It was because of early white Europeans both; British and French that destroyed Haiti, then enslaved them. They had more than one owner. The English, French and the Spanish speaking slave onwers. All dirty piece of foul diseases they are and brought upon the people of Haiti. The French took the trees the country had and took it back to their country. This country took away the rice they ate and more. Did anyone give a care about them nope. Everything is Africa this and Africa that. The only time Haiti was on the screen of American's television sets was about the violence. Not about the awareness of problems that go on in the country.
posted by coolfl33 on Jul 06, 2010
Always attack the White Man. Thats all you fucking racist bastards know how to do. Let me point out something to you racist idiots. The people in Haiti were starving and begging for food and shelter before the earthquake. These people have been living in poverty for years and years and are still living in poverty before the earthquake so if Oprah and the others care so much for the people of Haiti, they wouldn't have been fighting for food and shelter before now. HYPOCRITS, if you blacks care so much about the people who are suffering while you drink your Cristal, drive your Bentleys, live in your mansions, wear your millions and millions of dollars of diamonds and gold, the people wouldn't be suffering every day would they. So don't preach to the White man when you don't do a dam thing for the people but instead use them.
posted by lamine kane on Jan 27, 2010
oprah she's a very good woman and she know what she's doing.please let her do what she want because she will do it in a good way.l love oprah
posted by joejoe on the radio on Jan 22, 2010
yall yall beta ax sumbody shit if oprah donated a 100 million she could buy the whole island but she hasnt donated shit niga
posted by laura on Jan 22, 2010
We are all in this world together as one-imagine if this hit your neighborhood or country then what? We must all give what we can all the time-if you cannot afford to give you can pray for these poor people. OPRAH IS WEALTHY SHE EARNS IT AND WORKS HER BUTT OFF FOR IT AND DOES GIVE GENEROUSLY ALL THE TIME-obviouly you do not watch her show or know much about her she helps out every where she can so keep her and all the celebrities out of this-it is the choices that they make and are being generous with their time and love towards the earthquake victims. RIGHT ON TO THOSE THAT GET IT-AND GIVE FROM THEIR HEARTS
posted by SimonSays on Jan 22, 2010
Hey erererer you cant be that broke ure on a computer. But i do agree that the wealthy have a greater responsibility to help. If you want everyone to chip in that includes you too.
posted by ERERERER on Jan 20, 2010
posted by magun on Jan 20, 2010
Some of you white people can't stand to see a rich black person. Your ancestors took this country from native americans and brought slaves here because they were to lazy to work.
posted by nb on Jan 19, 2010
To those who give. May God bless you all.
posted by JustPassingBy on Jan 19, 2010
I agree that Oprah Winfrey should immediately let it be known that she herself has made a generous contribution to a Haiti relief fund. It is well within her means to donate a million or two and to lead by example. She is exceptionally good at getting other people to do the work and then taking the credit for it. Or to get companies to give away stuff free such as the cars. Personally I would be ashamed to stand there and beg money from other people if I were as obscenely wealthy as she is.
posted by Mrs Ikpema Frank on Jan 19, 2010
Good Day to you my beloved Brothers and Sisters, I am mrs Ikpema Frank from Haiti i am one of the victims of the recent earthquark attack that took place in my country which i know you are awere of.... me and my family where also involved and seriously injured i lost my husband and my 2 daughters are seriously in a bad condition one is bleeding seriously from the head and the other both legs are trapped and i have to fly them to Togo where they are having treatment right now and it happen that the doctor over here need some money from me so they can operate on the head and the legs... my dear brothers and sisters i am begging because i have no one to run too at the moment and the government are not listening to any one of us and because of too many request my kids are dying and i need your help to save there life i am confussed and dont know what to do i beg you anything at all from your heart will be accepted please dont turn your back as the lord will bless you as you help me and i have a pic of me and my Girls and my dead husband so if you want to see let me know and if you want to help me please email me back on have a nice day and God bless you. Rgards Mrs Ikpema Frank
posted by DONATE TO HATI :) on Jan 18, 2010
All these celebs need to stop telling us to donate when we can barely keep our own families alvie.Celebs have so much money and they only donate like 2 cents (compared to what they make a year)!!! P.S.>THIS DOESEN'T MEAN YOU SHOULDN'T STOP YOUR DONATIONS TOWARDS HATI PLEASE KEEP DONATING THEY NEED IT!!! :(
posted by Geez on Jan 17, 2010
OF COURSE celebrities should ask others to give. Just because a person is wealthy doesn't mean that they should not ask others to be generous as well. It is not the responsibility of only celebrities to be generous and show their humanity. We ALL live on this planet so as HUMAN BEINGS it is our duty to help our fellow man when in need. It is a very simple approach to say "Oh, since you have millions only you should give." No. If all you can give to your fellow man (your neighbor in need, children, people in other countries, various causes) is 5 cents, then that is a lot for you. If a person can give more, than that's great. But "celebrities" aren't the only people who should be called to action just because they have money. Those who WANT to give (regardless of if you're a celebrity, plumber, politician, author, doctor, lawyer, broker, agent, etc.) should. Don't look to the next person to do what you are very capable of doing yourself. I swear, the WHINERS amongst us. Shut the heck up already.
posted by LOL on Jan 17, 2010
TRUST Oprah will donate and probably HAS donated without saying anything. But I am SURE she has something special in mind. Oprah already has a school in Haiti and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the island...the people on here who have made their obnoxious remarks about Oprah "not donating" will feel really stupid when they see what she has in store. And to call Oprah "racist" and "stupid?" Wow. Some people never cease to amaze me. I've never met a "stupid" and "racist" person with a billion dollars in the bank who gives to everyone all over the world for various different causes.
posted by Sacha on Jan 17, 2010
I don't think it's right for all the celebrities to ask everyone else for donations. They make all their money from the average citizen, therefore they should all donate on our behalf. And good point Ralph Petrillo, Oprah is one of the richest people, and she hasn't made a donation yet. Just the celebrities could help Haiti. There are people who hardly have any money and are still donating, I think it's time for all the celebritie/politicians to pitch in and do their part.
posted by black rose on Jan 17, 2010
yall dont got the money to help if yall got aq prob call 7189911249 ju heard
posted by ashely on Jan 17, 2010
i lub oprah so dont hate
posted by precious on Jan 17, 2010
oprah is a good person
posted by BellaMaryland on Jan 16, 2010
What is taking so long for Oprah Winfrey to make a personal donation of her own, instead of asking others to help. She is so two faced!
posted by Spear Chucker on Jan 16, 2010
Oprah is a rich racist lesbian bitch.
posted by N igger on Jan 16, 2010
Oprah is a jig a boo.
posted by Cracker on Jan 16, 2010
Oprah is a racist bitch.
posted by Ralph Petrillo on Jan 15, 2010
Doesn't Oprah make 300 million a year. Can't she donate 100 million to help the Haitians and still have 200 million for the year. Isn't she worth 3 billion dollars.
posted by d on Jan 15, 2010
i am tired of these celebrities asking us to donate, very few of them have donated, or at least told us they did. so far, US citizens as a group have been the largest "private" contributors as combined group, more than any person of corporation
posted by senursie on Jan 15, 2010
Question for thought? Will all the money for Haiti really go there? Or will some of the organizations pocket some of the money to help in other efforts that may arise else where? If the news journalists like Diane Sawyer, etc. are able to walk through in Haiti, have television crews... Why does it appear our military and other military crews from other countries on standby. Why isn't the military using ropes from helicopters or planes to lower themselves down to give the Haitians the needed supplies and water they need.? We have the infrared technology to discover persons body temperature, so why isnt that being used by the military to see if people are alive or not. Whats the delay? Are they waiting on more deaths? Our military is suppose to be the best in the world.
posted by ms smith on Jan 15, 2010
i pray that the help get there fast for the people that is lefted behind,espeacailly the children i can only imagine what the people from haiti are going through i just pray everything everybody do will truely help so so much cause watching what happened on the news is very heart broken in devastating i will definitely continue to pray!!!!god bless
posted by Jenaireo de Wade on Jan 15, 2010
Jenaireo Wade and Oprah - we will rebuild HAITI together But first we need everybody to stop what they are doing and focus and pray for HAItians and join hands and come together. actors, moviestars, rappers, diplomats, politician, singers, business people- ect -ect ect. stop and join hands and come together for (HAITI ) Port-au-Prince

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